It has been five years since Scoot Rothstein was exposed for his Ponzi scheme estimated to have garnered him as much as $1.2 billion. Since that revelation, him and his now ex-wife, Kim Rothstein’s lifestyles have changed dramatically. They have gone from riches to rags in a way. Their lavish, high-flying, luxury filled lifestyles were snatched away from them and many sources close to the couple believe that this change also strained their relationship.

Why would it not? Now Kim has to find a job! This revelation is no surprise to any Pensacola, FL divorce lawyer.

As reported by Fox News, Scott and Kim’s divorce is official and was approved by Broward County judge on Monday earlier this week. The divorce attorney that filed the application requested for a no-fault divorce citing that the marriage had become irretrievably broken. Kim also wanted to restore her name back to what it was prior to their marriage. However, the judge did not allow it as she was technically under federal probation.

Scott and Kim’s properties were seized and sold

For Scott, the divorce really just maybe the least of his worries, he is currently in state prison and is serving a prison term of nearly 5 decades for his crimes. Scott was caught in a Ponzi (or a Madoff scheme or a payer of social security) scheme involving investments in phony legal settlements. Any Pensacola, FL divorce attorney would certainly use this against him.

Camelot based on fraud

On the other hand, Kim is no saint herself.  She has already completed her prison term of 15 months, a punishment she was handed for attempting to hide jewelry and other assets worth nearly a million dollars from law enforcement officers when they seized the couple’s property. Investors that were cheated by Rothstein got the last laugh as the couple’s fancy cars, jewelry, and other assets were seized and sold so that the investors could be paid back.

Florida divorce laws – child custody

According to Pensacola FL divorce attorneys, when a married couple gets divorced, there are a lot of arrangements that need to be made. However, one of the most important arrangements is that which focuses on the children, in cases where the couple have children.

The law is very simple when it comes to child custody. The number one factor that comes into play when deciding which parent will get custody, or how much custody each parent will get, is the welfare, health and safety of the child itself.

So for instance, if a family court judge comes to a conclusion that the child will be better off (in terms of education, resources, health and safety) with the mother, then the judge will consequently grant custody of the child to the mother, or may grant her custodial rights and give the father visitation rights, depending on other specifics of the case.

The judge will also rule of child support matters and your Pensacola FL divorce lawyer will try to put you in the best light before this ruling is made.

Nevertheless, arguments in the court room usually revolve around the spouses pointing fingers at each other. Therefore, it is very important to have a qualified Florida divorce attorney to represent you in a court of law. Your attorney will be able to establish that you are a responsible parent and will be able to ensure that you continue to be a part of your child’s life even after the divorce.