MARIETTA, Georgia. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin popularized the idea of “conscious uncoupling” with their headline-producing divorce. Paltrow explained that the process of conscious uncoupling involves preserving the family, even as the couple divorces. Paltow explained in the LA Times, that, while she and Martin no longer have a relationship and no longer live together, the family still spends quite a bit of time together. Conscious uncoupling is not for everyone, for sure. Yet, even if you and your spouse are planning to uncouple consciously in Georgia, it’s still a good idea to get a divorce lawyer.

Even couples who agree about many aspects of their divorce are wise to speak to a divorce lawyer. A family attorney can review you and your ex’s parenting plan and spot any areas that could potentially lead to disagreements. Your lawyer can also help both parties understand their rights under the law and file all paperwork properly. A lawyer can help you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s to help you finalize the legal aspects of your divorce in a more efficient manner. If you’re planning to consciously uncouple, the The Offices of Elliot Green can help you work out the legal aspects of your divorce.

According to The Cut, conscious uncoupling involves several steps, that are distinct from the legal process of divorcing your spouse. It is important to remember that the emotional aspect of separating and the legal aspect of divorce are distinct, and it’s always wise to seek help for each of these aspects of the divorce from people who are trained to help you. The emotional aspects of conscious uncoupling involve finding emotional freedom from the other partner, reclaiming one’s power and life, breaking old patterns, setting healthy boundaries with your former spouse, and creating a new future for yourself, that involves your own goals and dreams. The process encourages forgiveness and a releasing of the other person from the marriage vows. Many couples choose to undergo this emotional process with the help of a therapist. Some couples will finalize the legal aspects of their divorce after they finish the emotional uncoupling, while others will work on the legal and emotional aspects at the same time. Speaking to professionals, such as family law attorneys and your counselor can help you find the solution that works best for your family.

Conscious uncoupling isn’t for everyone, but many couples who have undergone the process claim it allowed them to separate kindly from their partner, while also protecting their children and family. Divorce is a multi-faceted process, even an amicable divorce. If you and your partner are considering getting divorced, it is wise to speak to a family law attorney today. Visit to learn more. Our firm works with all kinds of families and can help you, whether you need to untangle the complexities of a difficult divorce agreement or finalize the legal aspects of your separation.