Connecticut – August 24, 2021

Divorce is high on life’s list of stressful events according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Inventory Scale.  Individuals seeking divorce must keep in mind that hurdles may arise regarding the division of assets, financial responsibilities, physical custody plus timesharing arrangements for children, and decisions over who will be keeping the family home, business, or other marital property.  All of these aspects of divorce are better addressed with the professional services of Needle Cuda Family Law in Westport Connecticut.

Divorce actions.

Ending a marriage may cause emotional and financial battles that often require professional support from family law attorneys.  In Connecticut, a person can file for divorce if they meet the basic state requirements surrounding residency, “fault” or “no fault” actions, and legal separation under Connecticut State marital laws.

  • Contested divorces. When couples cannot agree on issues pertaining to divorce, the case will have to go to trial and be heard by a judge. The judge will gather witness testimony, review evidence, and make decisions on the case.  Contested divorces require the services of an experienced attorney to fight for the rights of their client, tend to be costly, and may be dragged out over time.
  • Uncontested divorces. These actions require residency, an irretrievably broken marriage, the completion of financial statements reflecting assets, income, and debts.  They also require agreement upon debts, assets, and property division as well as matters relating to child custody be drafted into a formal marital settlement agreement.

Financial matters.

In high income neighborhoods like Westport Connecticut, where the average household income in 2019 was $209,505, which was 62.4% greater than the median household income of $78,833 for the whole State, divorces will impact financial stability for both parties requiring experienced divorce attorneys.  When a couple has a higher net worth, it will take longer and require expertise for the equitable distribution of assets, property, and debts.

  • Alimony – financial support to a divorced party from their former spouse, usually the main financial provider of the marriage, by order of the court  to maintain stability for the non-working spouse.
  • Child support – financial support based on parental income that will cover living expenses related to childcare, insurance costs, education, and extracurricular activities of children.  A divorce attorney can go over the Child Support Guidelines in Connecticut to clear up disputes regarding transparency of income and assets.
  • Distribution of marital assets/liabilities – Courts will encourage both parties to the divorce to come to an agreement about asset and liability distribution and if an agreement cannot be made, the court will intervene.

Child custody.

Divorce lawyers can clarify child custody laws, as they pertain to both parents’ legal responsibility to children. Legal battles involving custody are best addressed with an experienced child custody attorney, as the outcomes can be devastating to both parents and children.

  • Physical custody – custody that is in the best interests of the child,
  • Visitation – a parent not granted custody, or joint custody of a child is entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds after a hearing, that visitation would not be in the best interest of the child,
  • Family violence impact – in cases involving a history of committing family violence, or domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, a custody attorney can be instrumental in a court’s determination of custody awards, or visitation in accordance with state laws regarding family violence,
  • Emergency support – financial support for separated spouses before the divorce can be finalized on spousal/child support matters.

Seek legal counsel.

Individuals who are concerned about the division of marital assets, financial and family responsibilities, and shared time with children should consult with experienced divorce attorneys. Needle Cuda Family Law Offices legal counsel can answer questions surrounding the division of assets and responsibilities, as they attempt to diffuse the emotional, financial, and family upheaval associated with divorce and child custody actions in Westport Connecticut.



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