When one or both parties elect to file for divorce, many issues often arise out of the process. Child custody, asset division, the division of money, etc. all come into play which makes the process hard to endure and often long to get settled. While some couples are able to come to an agreement on certain terms of the divorce, others simply cannot find a way to get theirs finalized. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that come into play with a divorce and when nothing but disagreements come out of it, something else needs to be done.

Disagreements often arise

If you file the necessary paperwork to get your divorce going without the consent of the other party, they may not be willing to agree to sign. When this happens, the divorce itself could be held up for a certain period of time until both parties can come to some sort of agreement. There are certain reasons why a person may not want to sign the divorce agreement and some of these reasons include:

Some divorces wind of being postponed because one party simply cannot let go of their marriage.
  • They aren’t ready to separate or let go of their marriage.
  • If infidelity was the cause of the turmoil, the other party may not want to let their spouse end the marriage.
  • One spouse simply wants to make things more difficult for the other who is trying to move forward with their life.
  • One or both parties do not feel the child custody agreement is fair or the division of assets and money isn’t split up properly.

Seeking mediation

Mediation is an option for couples to try to reconcile their marriage. While some relationships can find a way to work out their differences during this time, others simply cannot. Mediation is a good time for the couple to truly decide whether or not they want to proceed on with the divorce or postpone it. If it is decided that the divorce cannot be postponed, the process will continue on.

Hiring a divorce attorney in Columbia, SC to assist with the divorce

Because child custody, child support, and alimony are all sensitive topics that need to be addressed when a divorce begins, it is always advisable to have a lawyer working with you. Some divorces tend to go a bit south and often end in major arguments without any resolution made. It is important that for your sake and your family’s, that your divorce is handled quickly and finalized in a timely manner to avoid having to deal with the pain and frustration for a prolonged period of time.

Divorce lawyers in Columbia, SC can speak on your behalf, work with your spouse to arrange an agreement you both can live with, and help get any and all the required paperwork filed. Divorces often leave individuals feeling lost, confused, and upset and having to deal with all the legal aspects of it just make it more difficult.

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