St. Louis, MO-Your marriage isn’t working even though you’ve tried. With all the emotional discussions, promises to change, you hope things between your spouse will get better, but they aren’t. Things just aren’t working and you know divorce is your only option. This is a hard enough decision to make, but you’ll have many more difficult decisions to make. Here we’ll list a few of the more typical mistakes women when they are going through divorce negotiations.

1) Not understanding the household finances.

This is a mistake many women make when their husbands are the primary breadwinners and have control of all aspects of the household finances. When one spouse is in control of all the finances, it’s easy for them to accumulate tons of debt or hide money to keep it away from their spouse.

Many people may not realize that even if only one spouse is responsible for accumulating debts, even in divorce, both spouses are responsible for paying that debt off. In contrast, some spouses hide assets so in the event of divorce, they can keep that money to themselves.

2) Letting your emotions dictate your divorce.

You may be feeling dejected, sad, rejected and angry, but approaching your divorce with too much emotion can hurt you in the long run. It may seem like an impossibility, separating your emotions from divorce negotiations, but it isn’t. Some women are so exasperated that they agree to a settlement too soon in the process and shortchange themselves in the process. Other women want revenge so they drag out divorce proceedings as long as they can to cause their estranged pain.

Anger, impatience and constant fighting isn’t helpful in any situation, but during divorce negotiations it can be counterproductive and costly. Settlement negotiations between the estranged spouses and their divorce attorneys isn’t the place to air out the dirty laundry or discuss your feelings. This is a time to decide how you will support yourself so treat it seriousness.  The emotions can be dealt with outside formal legal settings.

3) Agreeing to a settlement too soon.

Sometimes women agree to divorce settlements too soon. Perhaps your estranged spouse is harassing you, or you are is just worn out emotionally. Whatever the reason, you just want your divorce to be finalized so you agree to the first settlement your spouse offers. This is a mistake since that settlement offer will likely be significantly less than your deserve. Getting a divorce attorney form the start will keep you from less than stellar settlement.

4) Not hiring a divorce attorney.

Some people think they are resourceful enough to handle their divorce on their own, but that isn’t always the case. Issues of support and asset division are not as simple as some may think; it takes finesse to unravel the complex finances of married couples. Not having a Missouri divorce attorney on your side, will hurt your case and could mean you won’t get an agreeable settlement.

A simple mistake can jeopardize so much in divorce. Once you’ve decided on divorce, the next thing you should do is contact a St. Louis divorce attorney. They will tell you where to start and help you avoid a mistake that will affect your settlement.