Los Angeles, CA- After her stunning weight loss, comedian Lisa Lampanelli, 52, has decided to call it quits on her four year marriage to Jimmy Cannizzaro.

A publicist for the couple, Yvette Shearer, announced the divorce Thursday, telling TMZ, the couple “have always made incredibly good friends, but weren’t a match as man and wife.”  Even though their nuptials are over, the couple will remain good friends.

As Lampanelli, who is known for her crude and abrasive humor, explained, “We still call each other first when something great or horrible happens in our lives, and we expect that to continue.”

Lampanelli was attracted to Cannizzaro seemed to “have morals and character.”

The news of the divorce comes just months after the couple unveiled their drastic weight loss, the couple collectively lost close to 200 lbs.

Both Lampanelli and Cannizzaro underwent a weight loss surgery where part of the stomach is removed and a sleeve is place over it to restrict the amount of food a person can consume. Lampanelli had the surgery first but inspired by her success, Cannizzaro soon followed suit.

For the funny woman who often made fat jokes said the surgery was her last resort after years and years of dieting didn’t work.

“For 32 years – from 18 to 50 – I tried everything on the planet, and once I had a clean slate with that I said, ‘You know what? Nothing’s working for me. I’m going to treat this like the addiction that it is. I’m going to get this surgery and use it as a tool,’” she said. Lampanelli added, “The doctor who did my procedure explained that obesity risks are much greater than the risks for this surgery. I was such an overeater. Now, I get full quickly – at three, four bites, I have to stop.”

Lampanelli says she’s “officially a skinny bitch,” now after going from 248 lbs. to 142 lbs.

As for Cannizzaro who once appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice,” he says they’ll always be friends. “We’re leaving the marriage in much better shape than when we came in, since we each weigh 100 pounds less,” he told TMZ.

When asked what it was like to be married to Lampanelli, Cannizzaro said she had the “kindest eyes,” and had nothing but kind words to say about his soon-to-be-ex.

“I could tell you we were talking in the same rhythm, we were having fun, we were laughing a lot,” Cannizzaro told US, “It was like we had always know each other, right from the beginning.”

Lampanelli’s and Cannizzaro’s divorce is ending on a positive note. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity divorce without all the acrimony and bitterness.

Even when divorce isn’t contentious, there are a number of pragmatic issues a couple must deal with such as a shared home, bank account and assets.  When a marriage is over, the help of a divorce attorney can be invaluable when trying to divide a couple’s mutual assets and unraveling the business aspects of their lives.