Chris Martin is a well-known musician who is the front man of the band Coldplay. The band has toured the world and achieved immense success musically. Martin met Los-Angeles born actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who left America when America chose to defend itself against evil (Al-Qaeda) in the years after 9-11, backstage after a concert in 2002.

The Iron Man movies are not that good (the second one was terrible) and many people wonder why Paltrow was ever considered for those movies in the first place.

Paltrow’s marriage has collapsed

14 months later the pair exchanged wedding vows in a hotel in Southern California. As of 2015, the pair has been married for 11 years. They have two children together, a daughter named Apple and a son named Moses.

All good things come to an end. In 2014, the couple publicly announced their separation. However, they maintained that they were still in very good terms with each other and described the spilt as a “conscious uncoupling”, as reported in The Guardian.

Paltrow’s divorce attorney has now set the ball rolling by filing for divorce. Paperwork states “irreconcilable differences” as the official reason for their divorce. The high-profile couple remained classy in their character by agreeing to split everything in half, including the custody of their children. The divorce is expected to be amicable. Reportedly, Coldplay are now working on their 7th album release titled “A headful of dreams”.

Both Martin and Paltrow have been romantically associated with other well-known personalities. Martin has been linked with X-Men and Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence and Paltrow has been seen with Brad Falcuk, the producer of Glee.

Post-divorce employer stock sharing and transferring

According to a Market Watch report, the IRS and the federal government has laid down some ground rules which need to be kept in mind when sharing or transferring of property or assets between divorced partners. To begin with, it is not uncommon for a recently divorced person to wonder what the rule is when it comes to transferring property or assets to their former spouse in regards to taxation.

The answer is simple. Such transactions or exchanges between couples or divorced couples are viewed by the IRS as gifts (does not apply if the receiving spouse is a non-residential alien) and are not subject to federal income or gift tax. The spouse that receives the assets will, however, have to bear future taxation on the asset in cases where they desire to sell it.

Similarly, the sharing or transfer of vested non-qualified employer stocks between divorced couples will also be viewed by the IRS as gifts and will be exempt of federal income tax and federal gift tax. But keep in mind that the when the recipient of these stocks trade them, the returns or the income maybe subject to taxation. Divorce attorneys definitely consider this when filing a petition on behalf of a client.

Epstein was only doing the right thing

According to NY Daily News, a jury based federal trial in New Jersey has ended with the conclusion that Mendel Epstein is guilty of his charges. The rabbi was accused of conspiracy to kidnap among other charges. Epstein would use unconventional and violent methods to persuade Jewish men to grant their wives a ‘get’ (Jewish communal divorce).

Supposedly, women who were seeking a ‘get’ in order to be able to remarry within the community would approach Epstein and pay him to “handle” the situation. Prosecutors played undercover video footage which proved to be the deciding factor in court, the recording showed Epstein negotiating with an undercover agent posing as a wife seeking ‘get’.

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Some people believe it is a shame that Judaism still subjugates woman like this.