One of the latest major releases of Hollywood, Gravity, has created quite a stir in countries all across the world. And, lead actress Sandra Bullock hasn’t been happier in a long time! However, there is one other Hollywood actor who is also finding himself in an equally happy space and he is none other than dashing and debonair George Clooney. And the reason could be quite obvious.

He is after all her co-star! However, the interesting bit of news that has created quite a buzz among divorce attorneys and friends is that George has reportedly confessed of a longstanding friendship with the Speed actress.

Most  Queens divorce lawyers are aware of the fact that Sandra had a tough time when she was forced to battle the consequences of a bitter divorce with ex husband Jesse James. The fact that Jesse had cheated on her, left her completely devastated. Clooney had reportedly been a huge support at that time. Clooney also told his divorce attorney friend that Sandra had never wanted to publicize her friendship with George. The actor also stated that the past years have really been tough on Sandra and the way she has battled it all has been no less than impressive. The way things have moved for her in the present year has been truly heartening.

When asked how she manages to handle motherhood and a flourishing career in movies, George stated that she simply takes it easy and does a super job of it. She is in fact a great mother! Clooney further elaborated that he and Sandra have been fast friends since the last twenty five years almost and the relationship has only grown stronger over the years. Clooney went on to wish his friend all the best and hoped that there would be only happier times ahead for the talented star!