The life of marriages in Hollywood is shrinking by the day and the latest alliance to die a quick death is the annulment of the marriage between Clint Eastwood’s daughter with Jonah Hill’s brother. And to much surprise of divorce attorneys, the earning for annulment has come only a week after their hush- hush wedding in Las Vegas. Sources close to the couple have clarified however, that it was not a marriage at all! In fact it is considered to be a drunken mistake by the couple who took their vows at a simple chapel before an Elvis impersonator.

Did they not learn how stupid this was when Brittany Spears did this a decade ago? Are they trying to copy Brittany? Well, if she looks as fabulous as Brittany did a decade ago then everything is fine. But can she dance and make music like Brittany can? Probably not. Clint, what is your daughter thinking?

A Stupid Thing to Do

Divorce lawyers have stated that the pair was not known publicly as a couple and Clint’s daughter was pictured in Hollywood last week without a wedding ring or her husband in tow. Newspapers have reported that Francesca had immediate regrets after her marriage. Her father was also questioned about the marriage last week and he too refrained from commenting. Therefore, the whole marriage thing seems to be a completely confusing affair with both father and daughter taking an immensely casual stance on the issue.

What is the annulment process?

The way in which marriages are dealt with in Hollywood is proving to be a major cause of worry for divorce attorneys at large. Specifically, the involvement of alcohol in the matter has been a matter of concern for most. How can an alliance that is as pure as marriage be taken under the influence of alcohol? Questions like these are proving to be taxing for the Hollywood community at large. Clint Eastwood also split with his wife Dina during the first half of this year and he also filed for divorce in October. The 83 year old acting legend is now reportedly dating Erica Tomlinson-Fisher.

What happens to this seeking of annulment issue or objective remains to be seen however. A few people in the press are closely watching the proceedings of the case. Probably too many considering millions of people are still unemployed by high taxes and job killing regulations.