Hollywood, CA- Clint Eastwood’s  divorce from his wife of 17 years is taking a nasty turn as the Hollywood legend has refused to pay his wife spousal support  and is seeking custody of their 16 year old daughter.

Dina Eastwood, 48, who filed for legal separation from Dirt Harry in August of this year, filed her official divorce documents in October. In those documents, the former new anchor asked that her estranged husband pay her spousal support, pay her legal fees and grant her full custody of their daughter, Morgan.

But the tough guy didn’t like what his estranged ex was asking for so he filed  counter claim where he sought joint custody or their teen daughter and refused to pay spousal support, according to TMZ.  In her divorce documents she cited irreconcilable differences and sough full custody of their teenaged daughter, Morgan. Dina also wanted her famous ex to pay her legal fees since he is worth significantly more.

But TMZ has reported that Clint, 83, is going to fight Dina’s full custody request and said he wasn’t going to give her a dime of spousal support. The five-time Oscar winner is also refusing to pay his estranged wife’s legal fees.

Clint’s divorce documents also claims that the couple separated in June of 2012, while Dina’s filing stated their separation date was “to be determined.”

The Eastwood divorce is a perfect example of why people need an experienced divorce attorney on their side; before they get married and once they have filed for divorce.

It appears that the couple did have a pre-nuptial agreement, which is recommended for someone of Clint Eastwood’s fame and wealth, but Dina seems to want more than the couple agreed on before they got married.

Pre-nuptials are especially important for people who have a high net worth—Clint Eastwood net worth is an estimated $375 million—and seek to protect their assets.  With a prenuptial, a couple can agree ahead of time whether one of the parties will pay spousal support and what amount they will pay. Child custody arrangements can also be hashed out when a couple signs a prenuptial.

Even though the Eastwoods have a prenuptial, Dina said in her divorce documents that division of the couple’s assets is also “to be determined.” Clint has asked the courts to divide their assets according the dictates of their prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptials are typically set in stone and are very difficult to challenge when the couple heads to divorce court. A prenuptial is one of the most assured ways a couple can avoid a contentious divorce battle when their relationship crumbles, though it is not an absolute guarantee. Challenging a prenuptial typically requires that the divorcing party is able to prove they were forced to sign the agreement under duress or that the terms of the agreement are unconscionable or unreasonable.

If Dina is going to challenge the prenuptial agreement she signed she will need the help of an accomplished divorce attorney.