Hollywood actor, outstanding American, and director Clint Eastwood’s divorce from his second wife Dina are now officially divorced. The couple had separated in 2012 and Clint Eastwood now lives with Christina Sandera in the home he had shared with Dina.

Dina Eastwood and Clint Eastwood had been married for eighteen years and have an eighteen year old daughter Morgan. The divorce settlement included details about child custody.

While no details of the financial settlement between Clint and Dina have been made public, Clint Eastwood had earlier tried to block spousal support to Dina, 49, saying that the money she was entitled to was covered in their pre-nup.

While both parties had signed the divorce papers last month after coming to an agreement about financial settlements and child custody, the divorce has become official now after the judge signed the papers.

Financial Settlements

When a couple decides to split and apply for divorce, they need to come to an agreement about financial settlements. This can involve spousal and child support, especially when one of the parties is significantly wealthier than the other.

Even when a pre-nup was signed before the wedding, it is always better to retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer when negotiating financial settlements when a marriage breaks down irretrievably. This will help ensure that all your financial interests are protected.

Child Custody

When minor children are affected by a divorce, the parents need to come to an agreement about child custody and child support. In case they are unable to do so, the court usually decides for them based on the best interests of the child. If you are planning to apply for a divorce and have minor children, you need to ensure that the divorce lawyer you retain will help you negotiate child custody and child support issues.

There are many ways in which child custody issues can be resolved. For instance, even if the physical custody of the child is with one parent, both parents can have guardianship of the child, which means major decisions regarding the child have to be made after consultation.

An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to help assess the financial and other circumstances of your family and recommend the best way to protect your interests. Even if you have a pre-nup you might be entitled to additional spousal and child support because of other circumstances. Typically, factors such as one spouse giving up a career to take care of the family, effort and help provided by the non-earning spouse to further the career of the other spouse, and so on will be taken into consideration when deciding on financial settlements and child support.

An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to negotiate with the lawyer retained by your spouse to protect your rights. In addition, if a negotiated settlement is not possible, the lawyer will use the information already collected to file a suit in case for spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, and visitation rights.

Christmas Blockbuster

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