Local news for Clearwater and Tampa Bay published an editorial about the difficulties of marrying someone who is still making alimony payments related to a prior marriage. In some situations, these payments can be huge and last for years after a person is divorced, affecting their quality of life. 

Editorial about how alimony and child custody can cause future problems

A marriage obviously includes many other aspects of a person’s life aside from their personality and spending time together. A person’s family, prior history, and financial situation including things like alimony and child support from previous relationships can be significant factors. 

The author’s husband was required to make large alimony payments every month to his ex-wife who was voluntarily unemployed, while she and her husband were suffering financially to subsidize this woman’s lifestyle. She said that they had to sell off stocks and investments just to be able to make these payments and still afford the rest of their bills every month. 

Eventually, the alimony payments ended, but her frustration with the whole situation remained. She also realized that being a stepmother to the children from her husband’s prior marriage would not be easy. Her husband has to take time to fly back and forth with her to her biological mother’s house hundreds of miles away on a regular basis due to their custody arrangements. The whole experience is time consuming and emotionally draining. The author said that the experience reminds her of her own childhood, where she constantly traveled between Minnesota and New Hampshire due to her parents’ custody arrangements.  

A divorce does not necessarily end when the case is finalized 

As this opinion piece shows, the consequences of a divorce can be life changing, especially if large alimony payments are required for years after the marriage has ended. Supporting another adult can be very expensive, so it is important to have a lawyer on your side fighting to ensure that alimony is not awarded at all or only for a very minimal amount during your divorce. 

Child custody can also become more complex when parents live far away from each other and have to share custody. In Florida, these arrangements will likely be kept until the child reaches 18 or finishes high school. Because elaborate custody arrangements can be another serious expense, it is important to discuss these issues with your lawyer to get the best result. 

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