Marriages in the church have the same failure rate as elsewhere. This is according to a popular belief where many Lawrenceville, GA divorce law firms may also share the same opinion.

A 50% divorce rate in the Church can make some Christians question their faith and could demoralize slightly, according to researcher Shaunti Feldhahn’s findings. But not quite since just because you were married by a priest and not by some government bureaucrat who is paid no matter what does not mean this couple took a pre-marriage class.

This fact would make a tiny amount of the followers of the faith question the Bible on this singularity but understand what the rest of the New Testament says is vital to our understand and whose teachings helped form America. In fact, the Church helped hold together the Western World for five centuries otherwise known as the Dark Ages. For the pastor and moreover, it might mean that all his work was amounting to nothing, according to Feldhahn.

The church would stand indicted because of the findings, according to Daniel Floyd, Pastorwith Fredericksburg’s Lifepoint Church. This while psychotherapist Angel Davis states that people have the go ahead to give up on marriages since half of the marriages in the church fail. Many people believe this is a strange way to think.

Marriage by a priest trumps that of a government bureaucrat

Feldhahn however found in her extensive research which lasted eight years, that divorce rates were much lesser than 50% for church goers, and it could be as low as 15 to 20%.

The findings of her study were published in her book titled, The Good News About Marriage. The researcher quoted an example of a study conducted by a pastor on 143 couples he had married and found that there was less than 10% divorce rate among them.

Feldhahn believes these findings would be heartening for pastors and church goers. Pastors would be able to declare in the congregation that a majority would have happy marriages and their belief in God would stand vindicated. Belief in Christianity would be reinforced by these findings, according to Therapist Davis

Feldhahn said that the new information had a powerful reaction in a congregation that she was witness to. The applause and the hope in their eyes were evident, according to Feldhahn.

Ex NBA star asks court to dismiss his wife’s divorce petition

Stephen Jackson, the ex NBA star, has appealed to have his wife Renata’s divorce petition dismissed. He has claimed that because they were both still a couple, and had intercourse just like a married people, and that their marriage was not dead. He also said that he takes his wife out for vacations to the Bahamas, Cancun, and Jamaica still. According to Jackson, Renata filed for divorce only because his net worth was higher at the time she filed for divorce in 2013 and this was in their prenup agreement.

Bert Weiss to divorce his wife

The host of the Atlanta based Bert show, announced on the show and its website that his marriage to his wife, Stacey had ended.

Bert Weiss said that the couple had taken all their vows seriously and had done all that they could to make it work. The decision to part ways was a mutual one, and the feelings of love were not there anymore between them, according to Bert.

Although Bert had filed for divorce a month ago, he withdrew it to try once more to save their marriage, according to divorce law firms. But he filed again after the efforts to make the marriage work failed.

The rift between the couple was evident on the show last year when Bert read out Stacey’s jokes against him, which were actually complaints about everything in their relationship.