St. Louis, MO- An Australian Christian couple is making international headlines for vowing to end their 10-year marriage if same-couples are allowed to wed.

Nick and Sarah Jensen, both 33, may be happily married with two children, but they plan on filing for divorce if Australia sanctions same-sex marriage. Mr. Jensen told the Daily Mail that his decision to divorce is “not a form of protest.”

He said, according to the Daily Mail, “It is a natural consequence of our decision to be married under the state, and then the state deciding to redefine what marriage is.” That way the Jensens can blame the state for their divorce.

Mr. Jensen who is a Christian lobbyist wrote in then Canberra City Times that marriage is between a man and a woman and he would refuse to recognize the union of a same-sex couple if it becomes legal in Australia, adding that the debate over the subject is “shallow.”

Australians will be voting on bill to legalize gay marriage at the end of the year and Mr. Jensen thinks the measure will fail. The bill will change the language of the law by replacing the term “man and woman” with the phrase “two people,” to change how the Australian government defines marriage.

You can admire the Jensens for their deeply held convictions, but let’s face it, if gay marriage is legalized, it will far outshine the divorce of these dedicated Christians.

The Jensens are prime example of how passionately people feel about same-sex marriage. The Jensens’ their decision to divorce because the law may change is unlikely to make any much of a difference in a world where views toward gay marriage and divorce become increasingly liberal, even in America.

A recent Gallup Poll found that Americans are becoming more accepting of divorce and gay marriage and a list of other more libertine ideas that were once considered morally abject. In that poll, 71 percent of respondents said divorce is morally acceptable, a big jump over the past two decades.

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