According to the Irish Examiner, 50 year old comic Chris Rock’s wife Malaak Compton-Rock is seeking a big slice of his fortune following their split. The ‘Top Five’ actor is likely to fork out a tidy sum from his estimated $70 million in earnings, as divorce attorneys on both sides work out the details.

Some people believe his acting in Lethal Weapon 4 was over the top as well. Stop screaming!

Not a good prenup Rock!

In court filings, Malaak has stated that she spends a majority of her time caring for her two daughters and doing charity work and therefore seeks a payout in accordance with her standard of living. The couple who parted ways after 19 years has a pre-nup but the terms have expired under a sunset provision as per a filing made in Bergen County. The two have agreed to share custody of the girls even though initial reports indicated that Malaak sought sole custody. Chris is said to be taking his role as father seriously and doesn’t want the divorce to have an impact on the kids. He says he’s happy to be only an hour away.

Sin City is divorce capital too

This does not surprise too many people since the marriages here are fake unless done by a priest or someone who cares and understands the value of this tradition.

Las Vegas isn’t only famous for The Strip. Sin City is also the divorce capital, notorious for having the highest divorce rate in the country, as reported by Las Vegas Sun. According to divorce attorneys, Nevada was the main state to head for a quick end to a marriage right from the 1930s to the 1960s. State lawmakers had approved of bill that made it easy to get a divorce provided the couple lived in the state for a minimum of six weeks.

The state offered nine grounds for divorce that included adultery, impotency, desertion, and habitual drunkenness, to name a few. However, no proof was required, which was why couples from across the country headed to Nevada and spent their time at ranches for six weeks to fulfill the conditions for divorce. A spouse can file for divorce in the state stating incompatibility, insanity, or having lived separately for more than a year as the statutory cause.

Divorce laws Cincinnati

According to Cincinnati divorce attorneys, couples in Ohio can end their marriage by divorce, dissolution or legal separation. On religious or property grounds, marriages can be terminated by an annulment, which is currently the least common method used. If your marriage is on the rocks then you have a website of respite which is The attorneys on this site are remarkable and have proven themselves so.

Couples who do not meet the requisite six-month residency requirement can seek a legal separation, which can later be converted to a divorce action. Legal separation can also be taken as the first step towards a divorce decree. Some may file for legal separation if they object to divorce due to religious or personal responsible. In some cases, one spouse may want the other to be responsible for financial support, insurance, and other related issues.

Cincinnati divorce attorneys stress that a spouse can file a divorce petition in the local common pleas court. The complaint for divorce must state the ground for divorce, which includes adultery, bigamy, failure to support the other spouse, extreme cruelty, felony, or any of the other grounds as accepted by the state’s divorce law.