Child visitation can become complicated, so divorcing couples are encouraged to speak with a child custody lawyer located in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, FL- Divorce can be very stressful for a couple and their children because a broken marriage entails child custody and visitation. Even under the best of circumstances, custody and visitation can create tension and give rise to issues that estranged couples may have to deal with legally.

Family court judges in Fort Lauderdale prefer joint custody arrangements because it gives a child the opportunity to spend time with both parents. Sadly, joint custody is not possible for all divorced parents and a couple must have a visitation plan and that often requires the assistance of a family law attorney.

Usually, family judges don’t like to deny a parent visitation unless being with that parent puts a child in danger. If there is a history of abuse, drug users or other behaviors that could endanger a child’s well-being, a judge can severely limit visitation and may only allow supervised visitation.

A parent must petition the family court if they want to change their child custody or visitation arrangement.

Parents are not the only members of affected by divorce; it also affects grandparents and siblings so they too can seek visitation. When necessary, parents and other interested parties are given the opportunity decide on a visitation schedule without interference from the court. If you and your estranged spouse are unable to come to an agreement, a judge can decide for you, but their decision will be difficult to challenge. A couple will more control over the final visitation arrangement by enlisting a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

If a couple is unhappy with their visitation schedule or they experience a career change or change in marital status, they can file a petition with a Florida divorce court. To change a visitation agreement, you must be able to demonstrate why your visitation schedule should be modified. After listening to arguments on both sides, a judge will decide if a visitation schedule should be modified and what the new arrangements will be. A couple should try to come up with a visitation schedule or custody arrangement to present to the court that way they have a better chance of an agreeable visitation schedule.

When one parent refuses to honor the terms of a visitation agreement, you have to petition the court and that your visitation order be enforced. A judge will look at each parent and decide if a visitation order has been violated and amend the arrangements accordingly. Violating a visitation order is a risk because a judge can choose to deny a parent visitation altogether.

Visitation is an acrimonious issue, so parents can benefit from having a lawyer on their side. If you live in Fort Lauderdale and need assistance with a custody issue or visitation, we recommend you contact the office of family law attorney King Lindsey at (954) 867-6518 and set up a consultation.  Divorce attorney King Lindsey is dedicated to helping couples get through their divorce and resolve their contentious issues.

Child visitation is a complicated issue that requires finesse and expertise.