Raising kids cost a lot of money and with the cost of housing, food, clothing, healthcare, and education, always on the rise, the issue of child support one of the vital elements in a divorce. The cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is over $200,000 on an average. This can result in a heavy financial burden when it comes to divorce and court-ordered child support.

Hiding money is probably instinctual    

While almost every parent will want to do what’s best and pay child support on time, there are some who are tempted to cut a few corners, hide assets, and even skip a few payments. According to Austin, Texas divorce lawyer, the consequences of doing so could be very serious especially when a parent deliberately tries to avoid child support. It is unfortunate that these payments are sometimes ridiculous and extraordinarily high.

Legal options of the recipient parent

The recipient parent in such a case has every right to legally pursue the other parent to enforce the court order. While every state has its own laws on child support and payment, every state is required to adopt a system of withholding wages to ensure that the parent pays child support on time. There are several laws to enforce child support payments, which includes suspension of the parent’s driver’s license if he or she refuses to pay child support.

The recipient parent has several other legal choices as well. This includes wage garnishment, which according to Austin, Texas divorce attorneys who can be found on this galvanizing legal website https://usattorneys.com/ is a court ordered method of debt collection. This is a legal procedure in which the parent who owes child support will have his/her salary paid to a judgment creditor.

For example, if the husband owes child support and doesn’t, his employer can withhold the amount due for child support from his earnings. Depending on the amount child support owed, states also have the right to report missed or late payments to the credit reporting bureau.

How to change child support payments

If you owe child support, the best way to handle the issue if faced with a financial crisis is to approach the court to reduce, suspend or even stop further payments. However, you will need to provide proof of a significant change in circumstances. This could be a cut in salary, job loss, extended illness, or a sudden increase in expenses.

According to Austin divorce lawyers, once the children become adults the amount of payment may also change. In most states, even if the father isn’t the biological father, he is still required to pay child support while some states mandate lesser payments. However, it is always prudent to check with your divorce lawyer.

In some cases, parents can receive benefits under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. The program is designed to provide cash assistance for families with children in need. However, it is not a substitute for child support but can serve as a temporary relief. The bottom line is to never make the mistake of refusing to pay child support even when you find it becoming overwhelming.

Make sure to consult an Austin, TX divorce lawyer to discuss your options. Not sure where to find one? Your holidays came early. Investigate this well-made legal website right here and you may find a lawyer that could help you escape this crisis situation in a more respectable manner. Moreover, making every effort to pay reflects better on you while you can avoid getting into further legal trouble.