If you’re getting divorced in Marietta, Georgia, one of the most significant questions that your family will face is where your children will reside and how visitation rights will be arranged. In many divorces, parents can often reach an agreement about where the children will physically reside and how visitation will be arranged. In some cases, child custody becomes an emotional point of contention for both parties. Under Georgia law, the courts tend to favor arrangements where both parents share custody of the children. In extreme cases, such as cases of abuse, the courts will consider a sole custody arrangement. Even when both parents share custody, they must often decide with which parent the child will live. This is physical custody.

If you’re fighting for physical custody, it may be a good idea to have a child custody lawyer such as Elliot Green with Elliot Green Law Offices on your side to assist you in getting the best outcome for your case. How your case unfolds will have an immense impact on you and your family. What are the top custody mistakes made with families going through a divorce?

  1. Not establishing yourself as the primary caretaker. According to the Huffington Post, custody laws are gender-neutral, meaning that the courts don’t automatically assume that mothers will get custody of the children. The parent who is most involved in caring for the children tends to win custody. The parent who takes the child to school, who knows the names of the children’s teachers, and who is involved in the child’s life will most often get custody.
  2. Using drugs or alcohol. If you use drugs or alcohol in front of your children, your case could be significantly compromised. Permitting the children to use drugs or alcohol could also compromise your child custody case.
  3. Putting down your ex. The courts generally want to ensure that children maintain a relationship with both parents. Putting down your ex either on social media, in the courtroom, or in front of your children can hurt your case. Judges may perceive that you intend to damage your child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. Showing good-will to the other parent can help your case.
  4. Seeking restraining orders or child protective services when they aren’t necessary. Don’t call the police unless you have a legitimate fear for your safety and the safety of your children. Involving child protective services or seeking restraining orders to strategically discredit your spouse could put you at risk of losing physical custody of your children.
  5. Listen to your custody lawyer’s advice. Finally, your child custody lawyer in Marietta, Georgia understands the legal processes of your county best. Make sure to tell your attorney the whole story and then take his or her advice seriously. He or she is trying to build you the strongest case under the law. Emotions run high during divorce. Your lawyer can explain your rights and help you protect them.

If you’re getting divorced in and are facing questions about child custody, it is important that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible. When your family’s future is on the line, a professional on your side can make all the difference. Visit https://www.elliotgreenlaw.com today.