Casper, WY- A divorce gives rise to many troubling issues a couple must deal with and resolve in order to untangle their unhappy union. There is the issue of who will keep possession of a couple’s home and how assets will be divided, but these issues are not as difficult to resolve as child custody. This issue can tie up a the divorce process for months, so it is wise for both spouses to retain a divorce attorney in Wyoming to help them with resolve their child custody disputes.

When a couple files their official divorce documents, each parent must indicate what child custody arrangement they are seeking. A couple can ask for sole custody or joint custody, but before they choose an arrangement they need to understand the differences and their responsibilities under each child custody arrangement. USAttorneys recommends you speak with a Wyoming attorney who has experience with Wyoming’s family courts to explain each possible arrangement to them.

Joint legal custody and joint physical custody are the most common arrangements and often preferred by family court judges. Joint custody gives each parent the right to make important decisions about each child’s upbringing and allows them to spend equal time their child or children. For example, a child may spend weekdays with one parent while the other parent has custody over the weekend. There are many potential living arrangements a couple can decide on depending on their needs and wishes, but both parents must agree to the arrangement.

In some cases, one parent is awarded legal custody, which gives them the sole right to make decisions about their child’s upbringing while even though both parents have a joint custody arrangement. This not

In some cases, one parent may ask for sole legal or physical custody. This often occurs in cases of child abuse or when a one parent engages in behavior that puts a child at risk, such as drug abuse. In these cases, the parent who is awarded sole custody makes all decisions about the child’s upbringing and has physical custody.

There however case when a parent seeks sole custody simply to get back at their ex. If this is the case and couple cannot resolve their child custody disputes, the court will decide the final arrangement for them based on the following criteria:

  • The child’s age
  • The child’s physical and mental well-being
  • Each parent’s mental health
  • Each parent’s income and ability to provide for a child or children
  • Bonds between each parent and child
  • And, which parent each child wants to live with.

Couples who cannot come to a mutual agreement on child custody can look to a divorce lawyer in Wyoming to help them with this sensitive issues. If you want a skilled and compassionate lawyer to assist you with your child custody dispute USAttorneys can connect you with an attorney near you to who will give you advice on how to proceed with your case.