A billionaire’s ex-wife can get used to a certain lifestyle, but what happens when her former husband does not want to fund her extravagant choices anymore? Exactly what is happening with Chicago hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin and his ex, Anne Dias Griffin. The billionaire has decided he is not going to support Anne Dias in “whatever lifestyle she chooses” and with this the high-profile divorce case has just taken another bitter turn, in a series of bitter turns.

Not entitled to support affluence, says Griffin

Griffin’s estranged wife has $50 million in personal wealth, according to his divorce attorneys. And there is no reason why she should lay claim to his private planes, real estate, and credit cards. The Chicago businessman lodged a 23-page filing in a Cook County, IL. circuit court late on Wednesday and has moved to dismiss these and other property related claims made by Anne Dias. In the filing, Griffin writes that Anne’s petition is no better than a plea to the court to make him (Ken) fund the affluent lifestyle that she has been accustomed to as the former wife of a billionaire.

$50 million is not enough; many people are bewildered by that fact. Especially in a city like Chicago where the economy is struggling.

However, Griffin continues to say, the petition is a violation of the pre-marital agreement in which Anne had voluntarily and knowingly waived any right to spousal support from him post the divorce. Also, given Anne’s personal wealth, which is by no means small, it is not required of Griffin to aid Anne in her financial life. Anne Dias was once herself a hedge-fund manager and a well-known philanthropist (but whose money did she give away?), and Griffin claims that she is more than capable to support herself if she really wanted to. Well, she can go earn her own money then.

$50,000,000 should be enough.

$50,000,000 should be enough.

There have been allegations made by Anne that her ex-husband has tried to “crush her” with the prenuptial agreements, and that he also threatened to publicly destroy her. Griffin has been denying these allegations and he has stated the same in his new filing. He also reveals that despite the dramatic accusations levied at him, the actual conversations and fights he has had with his wife border on the ordinary and mirror that of any couple going through a divorce. Griffin conceded that though he did become angry, upset, and loud during the conversations his actions in no way could be construed as harassment.

Real estate the bone of contention

A central issue in the couple’s divorce appears to be the occupation of the three floors of a tony building in North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, where the couple and their three children used to reside. In her petition, Dias Griffin has stated that the three floors of the building are occupied by her and her three children and that Griffin has no right to enter the building without her consent. She also calls herself the primary caregiver of the three kids.

Anne also filed for a court order restraining Griffin’s access to the couple’s former home as he had entered the building on multiple occasions to remove furniture, change security systems, and take his belongings away. In his recent filing, Griffin however states that the apartment on the 66th floor of the building is his alone and was purchased after the couple had separated.