Chicago, IL- With billions at stake, the divorce of Chicago hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin is shaping up to be a nasty battle as the Citadel founder says his wife expects him to fund her luxurious lifestyle, despite the millions she has and the millions he has already given her.

In a new 23-page court filing Griffin, who is worth approximately $5.5 billion, says his wife Anne Dias Griffin is living lavishly and he doesn’t feel like he should be paying for her extravagant lifestyle. He says he is paying to fully support his three children, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Griffin claims his wife is still using his credit cards to buy high-dollar couture clothing, helicopter rides and continues to use private jets on his dime even though she has $50 million of her own.

This latest filing came as a response to Dias Griffin’s request for additional financial support for expenses which she says are “inseparable” from her children’s needs. Those expenses included full payment of the family’s household staff, access to their two private jets. She also asked that he pay her child support and continue paying the credit card bills.

Dias-Griffin also asked for complete control of the condo. Currently, she has possession of the 67th and 68th floors, but she now wants control of the 66th floor, noting her estranged husband set has a different residence.

In her October 2nd, filing asserts her soon-to-be ex can easily fund her and her children’s expenses.

When they married 11 years ago, the couple had divorce attorneys draft up a prenuptial agreement granting Dias-Griffin 50 percent control of the couple’s condos in a Chicago high rise and cash settlement of $36 million. But if you’re used to the billionaire lifestyle, having less than a $100 M probably feels like slumming it to Dias-Griffin.

Dias-Griffin’s requests are excessive, but she no doubt has a bit of resentment towards her estranged husband given the fact he underhandedly filed for divorce while she was vacationing in London. How you tell someone you want a divorce can set the tone for the proceedings, ask any divorce attorney.

Griffin later explained the he grew weary of divorce negotiations so he went ahead with the divorce filing to move things along.

This could end up being a long and drawn out divorce battle that could rage on for months, maybe years, especially if Dias-Griffin continues with her challenge of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. She says she signed it under duress after Griffin enlisted his psychologist to pressure her into accepting the agreement. Even though the prenuptial was reviewed by few different law firms, Dias-Griffin said she was given the prenuptial just weeks before the wedding which she says was not sufficient time to review it.

Forbes notes that when Dias-Griffin signed the prenuptial, her husband was worth just over a billion. It would appear as though now after having a taste of the billionaire life, she is having difficulty adjusting to the millionaire life.