Charlie Sheen’s new show “Anger Management” is scheduled to premier today at 9 p.m. on FX, but it seems as though this might be the last time fans will get to watch the controversial comedian on TV.

The actor wants to file for divorce from Hollywood and turn over a new leaf, embracing a life free of “fiction.”

“Thirty years in, I mean come on. There’s this whole ton of stuff to do that involves my children and the rest of my life that’s not about like worshipping fiction,” Sheen told Fox411’s Pop Tarts column at the FX Summer Comedies party in Hollywood.

Although he wants to sever ties with Hollywood, Sheen was keen on accepting the new role. His character is an anger management therapist and the fact that he reaches out to help others was a concept that appealed to Sheen.

“He doesn’t judge anybody. He’s just a guy trying to get by,” Sheen explained. “He’s all about atonement, giving something back…He’s cool and he’s smart.”

It seems as though this role might be a way for Sheen to make amends for his troubled past. But whether he will in fact part ways with Hollywood is something only time will tell. After all, many disavowed couples end up making up after a big divorce, so perhaps this isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

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