Charlie Sheen has always been extremely bitter about his ex-wives, be it Denise Richards or Brooke Mueller. His divorce proceedings have always been fairly acrimonious, claim divorce attorneys. Therefore, it has come as no surprise that Charlie has now vowed to make Denise’s life miserable in a way in which it is likely to hurt the most.

On a Warpath

Charlie has reportedly been telling friends that the current agreement for child support that is shared between them has never been endorsed by a judge. It was based on private agreement.

Money Dumb

A divorce lawyer divulged that Denise currently pays Denise an amount of $55,000 as child support for their two kids. He is now enraged at this generosity. Denise also explained that his generosity was not limited to monthly child support payments alone! Reportedly, Charlie bought Denise a $9 million worth property where she now lives with their two daughters.

He did this so that their daughters could live close to him and meet him more often. However, Charlie has been ranting about how Denise has been thoroughly ungrateful by not allowing him to enjoy the Christmas morning with his own daughters.

An Unhappy Christmas

A divorce lawyer has now stated that Charlie is gearing up for going to court. He now wants revenge from Denise for first promising and doing a U turn on it with respect to allowing their girls to spend time with him on Christmas. Charlie is not only seeking to reduce the child support amount, he is also looking at establishing an iron clad right for seeing his kids on specific days and special occasions.

What is interesting however, that Denise remains clueless about the cause behind these proceedings. She has made it clear that she indeed has no problems if Charlie accompanies the rest of the family on their yearly Christmas trip.

Perhaps Charlie is upset with Denise that she was in the worse James Bond movie ever, or one of them. This has not been reported but The World is Not Enough was beyond deplorable and an embarrassment to the Bond franchise. Well, you never know.