Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Every society has taboos, those actions or lifestyles that society deems as wrong or deviant. Infidelity, divorce and single parenthood used to be a major taboos, but in the 21st Century, that is no longer true and the negative attitudes towards these lifestyles have lightened up.

A Gallup poll from last year, featured in the Atlantic, showed that Americans no longer think divorce, pre-marital sex, single parenthood  are reviled and amoral transgressions. But infidelity is still is.

In the poll of 1,535 respondents, 68 percent said divorce was acceptable. Miserable, unhappy and abusive marriages just had to be endured, otherwise a person could become a social outcast. That’s not true anymore with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce.

The irony is that while there is a growing acceptance of divorce, our intolerance of infidelity has actually doubled over the past four decades. According to the survey 91 percent is respondents said infidelity was one of the worst moral transgressions a spouse could engage in, more reprehensible than polygamy and suicide.

In other words, when people thought divorce was unthinkable, they were more accepting of extramarital affairs. Now that divorce is more common, people find infidelity unacceptable and it happens to be one of the leading reasons couples call it quits.

When it comes to infidelity and divorce, no-fault laws no longer assure the jilted spouse will get better divorce settlement. Events that transpired during the divorce, unless potentially harmful to a couple’s children, rarely have a bearing on how assets are divided or child custody is awarded. Just because one spouse cheats, that doesn’t mean they will get a larger settlement or get a break on support payments. Infidelity is an emotionally-charged issue, but it isn’t something divorce courts worry about.

Infidelity will have the biggest impact if a couple has a prenuptial agreement with a special cheating provision added. Prenups often have provisions which grant force the cheater to pay a larger settlement or give up a big share of they would have been entitled in the event of dissolution.

Another aspect of modern life that is no longer taboo is having children out of wedlock. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said it was acceptable for a single woman to have a baby. Fifty years ago single mothers were shipped away to have their children in secret and give them up for adoption, but that isn’t the case anymore. Single mothers are no longer pariahs, but when it comes to their children, they face the same challenges as divorcing moms.

Single moms, and dads for that matter, can find themselves locked in battles over child support and custody just like married couples. They don’t face the same legal process to end their relationship as a married couple, but they sometimes need divorce attorneys to help them determine child custody and divide their assets. When it comes to family issues, a divorce attorney whether a couple is actually married or not can be instrumental in helping a couple resolve their differences and issues.