According to TMZ, Evelyn Lozada, the estranged wife of former NFL star Chad Johnson, was scheduled to discuss her marriage in an interview with Robin Roberts, but Roberts was experiencing problems with her health and had to cancel the interview for “Good Morning America” earlier this month.

Lozada had agreed to talk about the domestic violence incident with Johnson as well as her divorce. The interview was scheduled for this week, but Lozada asked Robin to tape the segment at her hotel so they could have a more private setting since the conversation was to be very personal.

Roberts suffers from a blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

While Johnson was accused of domestic violence, it is Lozada who is being blamed this week for the divorce by another former NFL star, Warren Sapp.

According to Sapp, Lozada instigated the fight with Johnson that ultimately led to his release from the Miami Dolphins.

Since the scandal, Johnson’s career both in the NFL and in Reality TV have suffered. Not only was he kicked off the Dolphins’ team, but a VH1 reality show that was to feature Lozada and Johnson was cancelled following the domestic violence allegations.

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