Although life has taken Chad Johnson for quite a ride this past month, the former NFL and Reality TV star is not willing to give up on his marriage.

Despite his estrange wife Evelyn Lozada filing divorce papers already, Johnson does not want to end his marriage.

That may not be up to him, however. After allegedly head butting Lozada, Johnson was cut from the Miami Dolphins and was accused of domestic violence. His VH1 Realty Show was also cut and as if that wasn’t enough to handle, Johnson is facing foreclosure on his home.

Lozada says she has no intention of reconciling with her husband and is waiting for Johnson to sign the divorce papers.

In a last ditch attempt at resolving matters with his wife, Johnson got a tattoo of Lozada’s face on his leg and has issued a stream of public apologies, none of which Lozada is budging over.

“I’m sure some opinions on me might have changed because of the things that have happened,” said Johnson after the incident. “All I can say is, I’m sorry. I’m human.”

While Lozada may be adamant about ending the marriage, several Hollywood couples break up to later make up. However, some relationships seem doomed from the start.

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