According to data released by the census, the number of divorces has been steadily increasing in the past three years. The census data also shows that the finances of both spouses are adversely affected by a divorce. However, women’s household income on average fell by 41 percent while for men the figure was only 20 percent.

This is strange because the Obama recession has certainly hit men harder than woman. But this new divorce information is just another sad tale of the current state of America. Another sad case of a Presidency that has been propagating class and race warfare since he entered office.

Another Stark Statistic for America

The statistics show a grim picture. However, if you are considering a divorce you need to retain the services of a reliable divorce lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your finances. This is true whether you are planning to divorce by mutual consent or fight the divorce. Similarly, couples with children as well as those without children need divorce lawyers to represent each spouse so that their financial interests are protected.

Whether you work or stay at home, you need a divorce attorney who can explain your rights to you and ensure that you get a fair share of the marital assets. The actual financial settlement you can get will depend on many factors such as the duration of the marriage, the financial assets in the marriage, whether you have children, the custody of the children, and so on.

Different Factors

If one parent was staying at home to look after the children, then that parent normally receives custody of the children and the other parent might be liable for child support and maintenance. The income of each spouse and the ability of the dependent spouse to support themselves after the marriage are also taken into account when the final settlement is decided.

Apart from finances, when a marriage breaks down the spouse have to decide on child custody, visitation rights, and so on. All of these negotiations can be difficult to deal with and having a divorce lawyer representing you and advising you on your rights will ensure that your rights are protected.