Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Celebrities may not divorce more than common folk, but when they do it definitely makes headlines. This week is no different with two new celebrity filings waiting to go through the divorce pipeline, a nasty battle between two aging actors, and rumors of cheating. You know– a normal week in the celebrity world.

Breakout hip hop singer Iggy Azalea received word this week that her husband filed for divorce in Texas, but there’s one big problem, according to TMZ, she isn’t actually married. Or, at least they didn’t tie the knot, but Hefe Wine, whose real name is Maurice Williams says they are married, nonetheless. He insists she pledged to be his wife and “hold themselves out to others to be man and wife,” meaning they are in a common law marriage.

As TMZ reported, the state of Texas considers a man and woman married if they live together and make the verbal promise to marry. That means Mr. Wine, or Hefe, can seek 50 percent of Azalea’s assets including the songs she wrote when they were together, but whether a judge will agree to Wine’s preposterous demands remains to be seen.

Iggy says she never promised to marry Wine and says his divorce filing is just a “money grab,” according to TMZ.

Then earlier this week, Paula Patton,  estranged wife of Robin Thicke, whose hit “Blurred Lines” catapulted him to fame, filed for divorce according to multiple reports. Not such a surprising move since the couple’s breakup widely publicized and attributed to infidelity on Thicke’s part.

The couple announced their separation in February, and since then he has made his desire to get back together with Paula well-known.  But his overtures have failed and now divorce is inevitable. Patton filed for divorce Thursday in a Los Angeles court.

TMZ reported that Patton is seeking joint custody of their four year-old son. Hopefully, since the couple has a young child, this divorce won’t turn ugly or nasty, like so many celebrity divorces.

Speaking of nasty divorces, it doesn’t get much uglier than the divorce of actor Stephen Collins and actress Faye Grant. She secretly recorded tapes of him admitting to molesting three girls between the ages of 11 and 13 back in 2011. She surrendered the tapes to police who investigated and closed the case without arrest.

But just a days before the couple were to appear in court to settle a $14 million divorce, the tapes made it to the media. Now Collins is rightfully facing serious backlash and possible consequences, but his attorney is accusing Grant of releasing the tapes to get more from her estranged husband than she is entitled to. Collins’ divorce attorney said igniting the scandal is akin to extortion.

Divorce is hard on anyone, regardless of their social status, but celebrities because of their money and fame, often face uglier and more acrimonious divorces. Wealth and fame isn’t always so great when it comes to the deeply personal issue of divorce.