Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television star Bobby Flay and his actress wife Stephanie March are officially separated since March of 2015. Their relationship might have ended prematurely but their divorce is only getting started.

The couple wed on February 20th, 2005. March had even made guest judge appearances on Flay’s television shows on the food network. She appeared on boy meets grill, grill it! with Bobby Flay, throw down with Bobby Flay and Iron chef America.

Avarice & greed

The two have signed a prenuptial agreement which ensures that Flay will pay March a sum of $5,000 every month for the next 5 years. Reportedly, March is not very pleased with this. She is not happy that Bobby gets to keep their $8 million dollar house while she gets a meager $5,000 every month. If she believes that amount is not that much she is delusional according to the millions of Americans on food stamps because of high taxes and job straining regulations.

You signed a pre-nup!

Supposedly, the televised chef’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million and March feels she is at least partly to credit for it. Sources have confirmed that their divorce attorneys are in talks and a negotiated settlement seems inevitable.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin set to achieve the perfect divorce

A divorce is usually associated with emotional arguments and never ending negotiations, but in the case of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (who many people wish was never in any Iron Movie) it has been anything but hostile. They described their separation best when they termed it a ‘conscious uncoupling’.

The couple was even photographed vacationing together in Mexico despite being divorced. How is that for amicable? In fact, the photographs sparked false speculation that they were getting back together. The Coldplay front man and the Iron man Actress waived away these rumors ever so classily.

To add to the friendly and respectful nature of their divorce, they have now decided to split everything they own in half. They are each going to get exactly half of their estimated combined value of $320 million. Furthermore, they will both obtain equal custody of their two children as well.

Reportedly, Paltrow will continue living in their family home in Los Angeles and the rock star will live in Malibu to remain close to their children. The couple has two kids together, namely, Apple (10) and Moses (9).

The skinny actress has been romantically linked and spotted with TV producer Brad Falchuk while Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence seem to have something going on too.

Real life bridezilla and scam artist arrested yet again

39-year old Liana Barrientos was in the news recently after she was caught married to ten different men at the same time. The woman has once again got into trouble with the law. This time, she was apprehended trying to evade a subway fare.

The woman and her 19-year old niece attempted to leave through an emergency exit in order to evade a subway fare, they both face charges of theft of service and criminal trespassing.

This is her second arrest in a month. Barrientos was first arrested for initially for being married to ten different men without getting a divorce from any of them. Prosecutors and divorce attorneys suspect the marriages were part of a scam that she offered in exchange for money so these men could obtain American citizenships. If you are in need of a divorce attorney or need a consultation, log on to USAttorneys.com and your legal prayers should be answered.