American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality Bobby Flay and Stephanie March known for her part in the politically correct Law & Order: Special Victims Unit show have reported to have finally sorted out the nitty gritty with the assistance of their divorce attorneys and reached a settlement, according to

The couple has reached the ultimate stage in their divorce after much deliberation following their separation in March. The couple has been married for ten years which in some states and also known by the fantastic divorce attorneys on the site that this time frame can be the cut off point for a short and long term marriage. Not good for the higher earner.

Flay and March released a joint statement stating that they have reached an amicable settlement and appealed that everyone respects their privacy. Flay filed for dissolution of their marriage earlier in March but was not able to go through with the divorce since the Law & Order actress’s divorce attorneys disputed the prenuptial agreement in which Stephanie would get $5,000 per month in alimony when Flay is actually estimated to be worth around $20 million.

While the dispute over alimony intensified, so did reports by of Flay allegedly cheating on his wife with his young assistant Elyse Tirrell, surface.

How do you cheat on January Jones!?

Radar Online also reported that the couple was going through a rough patch and a nasty divorce battle. Flay was allegedly involved in an extramarital affair with Mad Men star January Jones although Flay and his representatives have refuted all allegations and rumors of cheating. He also found support in longtime friend and business associate, Laurence Kretchmer, who said that Flay would never respond to people who talk rubbish and did whatever possible to save his marriage.

Flay seems to like drama

Details of the divorce settlement have not been disclosed. However, a latest report by Radar Online suggests that the monthly alimony is above $5,000 and that Flay gets to keep both the Manhattan apartment and Amangansett house.

Reasons why you need a divorce attorney

While celebrity couples may have all the resources to get through a divorce, ordinary couples are often confused about whether they need a divorce attorney or can go through a DIY divorce. While in some situations it may be possible to do without an attorney, it is always prudent to hire an attorney to protect their best interests.

One of the major reasons why you need an expert is ensure that you receive all that you deserve during a divorce. This includes an equal share in assets, depending on the situation. In many cases, a spouse may not only be entitled to alimony and a share in assets but even retirement or other income that the other spouse may receive in the future.

There are several other issues such as child support, child custody, debts, and inheritance, that must be ironed out amicably, and is best achieved with the help of an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney will also ensure that legal documents are presented to the court in the appropriate form so that the final divorce decree will be void of any legal errors and ambiguity.

Most importantly, the legal system can be complicated to comprehend for the average couple. Rather than take on stress and run the risk of making any mistakes and unnecessary delays, an attorney is the best way to make sure the divorce proceedings will move as smoothly as possible.