Celebrity divorces in New York highlight the importance of pre-nup agreements when it comes to the settlement of property.

According to reports Sandy Gallin and his husband Bryan Fox are divorcing. Gallin and Fox married slightly over a year ago after a five year relationship, but are now set to divorce. According to informed sources, the break up was the result of the almost 40 year age difference between the couple. Gallin is 74 and Fox 35 years old.

However, Gallin has an airtight pre-nup according to the source and so will be able to retain his assets. Not even the best Valley Stream, NY divorce lawyers who can be found on the sparkling website USAttorneys.com can find a hole in this document.

He is back in New York and all set to throw his famous dinner parties while Fox is looking for new accommodation in LA. Both Gallin and Fox say they wish each other the best, so the breakup appears to be amicable.


Earlier, reports said that Bobby Flay and Stephanie March announced that they have reached an amicable divorce settlement. This comes after some acrimony as March was unwilling to accept the pre-nup settlement of $5,000 a month that was signed in 2005 before their wedding. As Flay is now worth an estimated $20 million, March wanted a bigger share of the pie from the celebrity chef’s fortune.

She claimed that part of his success was because of her amazing palate and that flay rose to fame with her as a taster. March also claimed that Flay cheated on her. The couple have now come to an agreement about the settlement.

Another marriage down the tubes

Hedge fund manager Kevin Ulrich who owns the Anchorage Capital Group is reportedly paying a lot to finalize his divorce from Laura Santos. Santos is an interior designer of repute. Ulrich has had to buy out Santo’s share in property owned jointly by them in preparation for their divorce. The couple owned a townhouse and an apartment and Ulrich has purchased Santo’s share in both. They have reportedly separated but have yet to file for a divorce. They have been married for more than 10 years now.

Divorce messages

Valley Stream, NY divorce attorneys seem to be busy but some divorce do not require that much of their time.

Divorce lawyer

When a marriage breaks down the couple need to divide property, share custody of children, and so on. This can often become acrimonious, especially if one spouse wants more money as settlement or wants sole custody of the children. Some of these issues can be better dealt with a pre-nup in place. However, whether you have a pre-nup or not, if you are planning to divorce, you need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney in Valley Stream, NY.

The divorce lawyer will help safeguard your interests. For instance, even if you have a pre-nup in place, sometimes, the court might decide to award a higher compensation to your spouse if the spouse can show that they helped you earn the income. Other reasons for a court deciding to overlook a prenup could be cheating or children. If a couple has children, the courts might decide to award the stay at home parent or primary caregiver a greater share of the couple’s property.