DivorceRaleigh, NC- It appears as though the third time was not a charm for “Iron Chef” star Bobby Flay, 50, as reports indicate he is headed down the road towards his third divorce.

TMZ reports that the celebrity Chef and his wife, actress Stephanie March, 40, have split and both have met with divorce attorneys. At the moment, they are just separated, but there is reason to believe their marriage might nearing the end since he has already moved out of their New York apartment.

Sources told TMZ that their marriage has been on the rocks for the past year because it took him two days to visit March in the hospital after she her appendix burst. He sent an assistant instead so he could finish filming a show. We’d venture a guess and say that not showing up at the hospital is just a symptom of a larger problem between the two.

The news site also says that couple didn’t spend their tenth anniversary together—it was in February—and he is rumored to be involved with fellow celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, according to the Daily Mail. De Laurentiis just recently went through a divorce of her own and has denied any rumors about a romance with Flay.

If the couple can’t work things out this will be the first divorce for March and the third for Flay. Fortunately, he has been through the process before and the couple don’t have any children, so child support won’t be an issue.

Making a marriage work is very hard. It doesn’t matter if it is your first, second or sixth. No matter how many times a person has to go through it, divorce is complicated, time-consuming and emotionally-wrought. When a couple realize their marriage can’t be saved, it’s time to turn to a North Carolina divorce law firm.

Flay may have a prenuptial (many celebrities do) which will make the divorce process run more smoothly, but we aren’t sure about that. A prenuptial, however, isn’t bullet proof and can be challenged by any party who is up for a protracted legal battle.

In divorce, the two biggest challenges for a couple is dividing their assets and child custody. These are the most difficult issues for an estranged couple to resolve. If you are having problems with these two very contentious issues, a divorce attorney near you will set up a consultation and discuss how to best resolve these typically acrimonious issues.

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