DELRAY BEACH, Florida. According to Newsweek, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins recently divorced her husband due to political differences. Politics has been dividing the country, but it also appears to be dividing families and friends, and in some cases, it has been dividing married couples. Reports indicate that the cheerleader was a longtime Republican and her husband, a Florida attorney, is a Democrat.

The Florida couple’s political divorce is not the only case of published marital discord due to recent political changes. The New York Times wrote about another couple in Virginia where the husband planned to vote for Trump and received an ultimatum from his wife: if he voted for Trump, she’d leave him and move to Canada. Could the marriage be saved?

As the country’s political leanings have become increasingly polarized, politics has created new tensions in families, between friends, and even in marriages.

For other marriages, former differences in political opinion may have led to disagreement, but not outright warfare. However, after the recent election season, some marriages may be in trouble.

For many individuals, it is important to share the same moral codes with your spouse. For many people, political ideology represents distinctive moral codes that, for some, simply cannot be reconciled by agreeing to disagree. The political environment has become so polarized that supporting Trump has been listed as a deal breaker on some dating sites. If it is a deal breaker on dating sites, it may prove to be a deal breaker for some marriages.

So, what should you do if politics is destroying your marriage? First of all, take the time to consider your options and understand your rights. You may want to speak to the divorce lawyers at the CMO Law Group in Delray Beach, Florida. Our firm can help you understand the legal process. We can review your finances and help you understand how divorce will affect your assets and financial future. Finally, divorce raises many serious questions, including questions about child custody. You’ll have to decide where your children will live and how major decisions will be made on their behalf. If you are going to get divorced, it is important to work out these differences outside of court. Taking a child custody battle to a judge could result in a situation where the judge makes decisions that neither party wants. So, even if you can’t disagree on politics, it may be wise to find ways to agree on ways to be good co-parents. A lawyer can help.

The reasons for divorce are many. Sometimes it is politics, and sometimes two people change over time. Whatever your reasons, it is important to consider your legal rights as you move forward. A family law attorney in Delray Beach, Florida can help you ask the tough questions and negotiate a divorce settlement that works best for your family. Visit us at to learn more about your rights.