Just about every one knows that divorce is a part of life for about half of all couples that get married. Even though couples don’t think that their marriages will end up in divorce, the fact is, things go wrong and relationships go sour. When a couple decides it can no longer be together, then divorce is usually their only option. However, not every one can afford to go through a divorce.

Divorce can be very complicated, but not all divorce cases are the same, which is why the San Diego Superior Court has started to offer a new program for those who want to split up in just a day. The pilot program began March 1, and is for simple divorce cases. It is available for people who are representing themselves and who do not have any contested issues as a part of their divorce. The program is intended to help free up court time as well as help people avoid a lengthy divorce when the process only requires a speedy and simple resolution.

According to reports, nearly three fourths of all litigants in family law in California don’t have a lawyer. However, even simple divorces are often difficult for people who represent themselves, which means may of these cases end up getting stuck in the court system for many years.

The program works like this: after a litigant has filed and served the petition he or she meets with a family law expert to work out the terms of their agreement. After the couple completes the necessary documents and signs off on the settlement, they can then appear in court to receive a final judgment.

Although this new divorce option may work for some couples, the fact is, most people need a lot of guidance and direction to get through the divorce settlement process. If you are considering divorce, then you should probably contact an experienced divorce attorney to help answer all of your questions and get you through this difficult process.

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