Candace Suggs the wife of Terrell Suggs, the Ravens outside linebacker, has filed for divorce after two years of marriage. Candace has accused Terrell of infidelity. However, Terrell has denied the allegations and his lawyer has said that the Terrell remained faithful during the marriage and the instances cited by Candace occurred after the couple separated as they were no longer in love and the marriage was over.

According to Terrell’s divorce lawyers the couple has been living separately for a year now and the examples of adultery that Candace cites occurred during this time of separation. Candace has said in her court filings that she has neither forgiven nor condoned the adulterous behavior of her husband.

Child Custody, Alimony, Child Support

Candace has filed for divorce at the Baltimore County Circuit Court. In the filing she has cited the adultery and has asked for full custody of the couple’s two children aged six and seven. She has also asked for child support and alimony as part of the divorce settlement.

Accusations of Domestic Violence

Candace had earlier accused Terrell of domestic violence on two different occasions. In 2009, she said that Terrell had hit her and spilled bleach on her and their son who was one year old at that time. She had filed for a restraining order at that time. She asked for the order to be rescinded after the couple reconciled.

In 2012, Candace had again asked for a restraining order saying Terrell drove away with their two children after punching her in the neck and dragging her behind the car. As part of the restraining order Terrell was asked to turnover seven guns and an AK-47. The order was also rescinded as requested by Candace when Candace and Terrell married a month later.

There is obviously some miscommunication here. Did they see a priest before they were married or take any sort of pre-marriage class? It is too bad there is a child involved.

Confidential Prenuptial Agreement

Terrell’s attorney has said that the couple has a prenuptial agreement and the divorce would be handled by its terms. The terms of the confidential prenuptial agreement have not been disclosed.

Terrell has filed his response to the divorce petition in court in which he has asked for joint custody of the two children.

Complex Issues in Divorce

Divorce cases are typically complex because especially if they involve children. If you or your spouse has decided to file for divorce you need to immediately retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer who will ensure that your rights are protected.

When both parties in a divorce want child custody and one is unwilling to agree to even joint custody, the case becomes complex as the courts have to take into consideration the best interests of the children. In such cases, proof of adultery or domestic violence can be used by one spouse to deny the other access to the children.

Similarly, while a prenuptial agreement can help decide on the financial settlements due for a divorce, this too can be disputed if the spouse is able to prove domestic violence or adultery.