Many famous celebrities like Mel Gibson and Halle Berry who have hired the services of expensive divorce attorneys to fight their divorce cases in court should not be blindly copied by non-celebrities considering similar and stylish divorces!

Will you be able to pay divorce attorneys by the hour?

High profile divorces tend to focus on the two people involved, setting aside the need to consider child custody and parent visitation rights. The costs run to millions of dollars spent on legal fees and other resources like time and expenditure.

Ordinary people who would like to follow in the same footsteps are warned that the maintenance cost of divorce attorneys itself can pretty significant, thereby placing further burden on the couple’s already shattered lives. It is only after the divorce that realization dawns on them that celebrities are not good role models and often do not make the best choices for themselves and their children.

What would be the long term effect of divorce on your children?

In the midst of lives torn apart it is probably easy to forget how to get along and find common ground again, even for the sake of their children. But, even in the midst of anger parents should stop to consider the realities of divorce―which is separation of parent from child. Most of all, consider that the fate of the children is being decided by a judge who do not know the children as well as their parents do.

In a situation when there is no consensus between parties, the help of mediators like a professional counselor or a divorce attorney would be wise. They could help mitigate strained relations. The parents should also consider the child’s opinion on divorce. How do they feel about their parents getting divorced? The cost of divorce goes beyond monetary expenses to emotional stress and pain for the family especially for the children.

A divorce could kill you says the latest information.

Research says that divorce can be a killer!

The emotional stress of separation or one that is brought about by divorce can cause sleepless nights leading to depression and raised blood pressure states a study of 138 people who were separated from their partners 16 weeks before the study began. Divorce can lead to premature death if the negative health issues caused by the anguish it brings with it persist beyond a period of time accepted as normal; however very few studies have been done to show a connection between the two.

Dr. David Sbarra, of the University of Arizona in the US said that, those whose sleep problems go away after a few months, can cope well with the issues related to divorce and separation. But if the problems persist beyond a normal span of time it may mean something else. It could be that the person has become depressed and is struggling to return to normalcy. These are the people who could possibly have serious health problems that may result in the loss of having a balanced and healthy life. This is all the more reason that anyone contemplating marriage should consider going through a priest first who teaches a pre-marriage class.