Most divorced parents find resolving child custody issues to be the most tedious one. Both parents love their children equally and are eager to provide the best they possibly can.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to reach a visitation or custody agreement. This is why divorce legal professionals suggest that separated couples seek help from a family law mediator to get things streamlined.

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What is mediation?

Once the couple is separated the next step is the division of the family’s movable and immovable assets and custody of their children. These are the two major issues that are required to be resolved in order to ensure that the divorce process moves smoothly.

For the most part mediation is the hiring of a third party (preferably a lawyer and expert in family law) to discuss and resolve disagreements pertaining to division of property, child custody, visitation, and other essential matters.

The mediator does this in an amicable way without hurting the interests of either of the parents. He/she does not make any personal decisions for the separated couple. All that a mediator does is help you arrive at an amicable solution.

Initial steps prior to child custody mediation

  1. Understand your custody rights and responsibilities thoroughly. You can consult a legal pro who would provide you all the information you need.
  2. Prepare a child visitation schedule whether you contemplate sole custody or joint custody. The latter is usually preferred by the court that will consider the child’s best interests.
  3. Jot down the activities you have planned for your kid in your diary.
  4. Collect important documents such as your child’s report cards, medical bills and letters from your kid’s therapist.

There are four steps related to child custody mediation. They include:

  • Initial consultation with the legal mediator
  • Identifying and categorizing common interests between the parents and the kid(s)
  • Discussing optimal solutions to prioritize underlying issues
  • Signing the child custody agreement

Initial consultation with the mediator

Do not bring up fights between you and your partner that could have led to the separation. Instead, you ought to discuss the child’s interests. You need to act like a responsible parent rather than putting the blame on your partner. The mediator will sit with each of the parents and their legal counselors (if any) and draft a rough schedule of the child custody agreement.

Identifying common interests between the parent and the child

Identifying common interests between the parent and the child includes:

  1. Arriving at a child visitation schedule
  2. Making a list of exceptions that overrides visitation such as holidays, personal commitments, etc.
  3. Discussing how each parent wishes to communicate with their children
  4. Having a detailed discussion on the welfare activities of the kids, including co-curricular, and extracurricular activities
  5. Making amendments to the child custody program in the future


Discussing solutions


Based on your availability in terms of your presence and taking other special requests from each parent into consideration, the mediator will prepare a detailed child custody agreement plan.


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