If you are currently considering filing for divorce or are looking to learn about the process itself, St. Louis divorce attorneys at Behrens Law Firm, LLC may be able to give you some advice and guidance.

For some couples, divorce may be the only way they reconcile their differences.

Being in a marriage takes patience, commitment, and effort. While some couples are able to make their relationship work, others bump heads and simply can’t seem to work collaboratively in order to be happy in their relationship. Individuals who find themselves continually disagreeing often turn to divorce to just end what they believe cannot be fixed, but can it? Is there a chance that a couple can recoup their love and make their marriage work? Well, according to cheatsheet.com, there may be a way a couple can in fact avoid divorce.

There are many aspects that are involved in a marriage such as the financial aspect of it, faith, adequate income, agreeing on political issues, etc. But the Pew Research has recently conducted a survey and the results may surprise you. Did you know that “sharing household chores was “very important” if a relationship was to succeed?” That means washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning the floors, cooking, etc. are all included in household chores and if both individuals in a marriage participate and share the responsibility equally, their relationship may actually flourish rather than fail.

“A University of Missouri study found that couples who share both household and parenting responsibilities were happier and, presumably, more likely to avoid divorce.” Some tips are provided below that may be able to help you in the event you and your spouse are struggling to split up the household responsibilities that are each required to be fulfilled.

  • Automate- If you have monthly bills that are required to be paid, set up automatic payments so that you have the chore done, and you aren’t at risk of getting into an argument in the event you pay late or forget to pay the bill entirely.
  • Invest in the latest technology- In today’s society, if you don’t want to vacuum your floors, you don’t have to. There are many robotic gadgets that can do this for you and even some that will mow your lawn. You also have the option of hiring someone maybe once a month to come give your home a thorough cleaning that it needs.
  • Outsource your meal planning and shopping- If you and your spouse are extremely busy and don’t want to waste your time going to the grocery store or preparing meals, there are many sites available that can accomplish this chore.

Now, while it is always in the best interest for a family to stay together, especially if there are children involved, not always does it pan out that way. Sometimes, divorce is the only option a couple has as they have exhausted all methods to make their relationship work. Divorce can be a rather touchy subject, and if both individuals aren’t in agreement on how they want to split up what already belongs to “them,” it is then time to enlist the help of an experienced and dedicated Missouri divorce attorney such as Barbara Behrens who specializes in family law to help.