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California divorcees decided to sell off many of their possessions as their marriages ended

There are many different ways that people can choose to both physically and symbolically move on after a divorce. Getting the right kind of legal help early in the process always makes this transition into single life easier. 

Local news covered two divorcees in California who sold off personal property as they were in the process of ending their marriages. 

Two sisters divorce around the same time and decide to sell of many of their possessions

The two sisters sold everything they could from their prior relationships. This included a large volume of items from musical instruments to formal dining wares. They believe that this will help them make some money, while organizing their lives and helping to plan for the future. 

An ad was placed on craigslist as they prepared for the weekend sale on 21st Street in Sacramento. They commented that they have realized a large stockpile of possessions is less necessary in their new single lives. The sale was named “Two Sisters Divorcing Yard Sale” as a way to inject some humor into the stress of going through a divorce. Like many recent divorcees, they found that the problems and costs associated with a formal legal separation can linger for some time. The sale was scheduled to bring some positive energy to their situations. 

Many other recent divorcees had showed up to talk to them when the sale was taking place, not so much for shopping but to discuss their personal situations. The sisters ended up connecting with other locals who were in similar spots in their lives, which became a welcome, but unforeseen side effect of the sale. 

After the sale had ended, both said that they were better prepared to move on with their lives physically and emotionally. They were downsizing from large homes to much smaller apartments, and met some of their new neighbors during the process. 

Successfully transitioning away from a marriage

The aftermath of a divorce is always a time of change. However, some divorcees are still struggling with issues related to child custody, property division, and other significant points of contention long after the divorce is finalized. Many couples cannot come to a settlement agreement easily, especially when their finances and possessions that have been accumulated over years or decades are involved. 

To minimize these problems, it is recommended to get help from a local divorce attorney. They will advocate on your behalf to get the best result and provide long term solutions. 

Speak with a lawyer about the process of a divorce

While divorces are never easy, getting help from the best divorce attorney you can find in California is necessary to protect yourself throughout the process. Use the directory on USAttorneys.com to locate a lawyer in your city. 

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