The state of Tennessee takes several things into consideration when determining child support including a spouse’s income and their financial obligations.

Nashville, TN- Divorcing couples with children usually encounter two issues: child custody and child support. Once custody is determined, the spouse responsible for the primary care of a child will likely need child support. Here, USAttorneys will discuss some of the things a Nashville family courts will take into consideration when trying to determine child support.

Each state uses different formulas to calculate child support, but some criteria are standard in all states, Tennessee included. If you want a concrete child support figure, you can visit the Tennessee Department of Human Services website and utilize their online tools.

The type of custody arrangement a couple has will dictate who how much custody is granted. When one parent is given sole custody, the other parent is usually required to pay child support to the other parent who is responsible for a child’s care. If joint custody is awarded, the amount of child support will be determined based on how much each spouse earns and how much time a child spends with each parent.

Child support can be awarded in joint custody cases.

Below are other factors that affect how child support is calculated:

The amount needed to cover the costs of a child’s daycare or school, health insurance, and other special needs

The economic requirements of the parent with primary custody.

The income of the parent paying support.

The child’s standard of living before the divorce.

When one parent is seeking child support, they need to provide the family court with details about their income and financial obligations. Family courts will look at parent’s gross income and deduct any mandatory expenses they face. Those mandatory expenses include Social Security and state and federal income taxes. Loan payments are not usually considered mandatory but a parent can ask they be taken into consideration when determining the final support amount. But be aware that family courts put a child’s financial support above a car loan or such.

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If you are already paying child support, the courts will see that as a mandatory deduction from a parent’s gross income. They will also take into consideration any food, clothing and other necessities a child needs when determining child support. Financial issues in divorce can be tricky, so you need to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your interests.

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