New court documents procured from TMZ Sports have revealed the divorce settlement demands made by Anita Scott, former wife of Byron Scott. Byron was married to Anita, his college sweetheart for 29 years, and filed last year for divorce. Divorce attorneys said that Byron filed for divorce before signing a contract worth $17 million with the Lakers. Byron met Anita at a nightclub in Los Angeles when Byron was still a student at Arizona State.

Used to a lavish lifestyle

Anita has said that she was used to a lavish lifestyle before her divorce and wants to continue living that way after the split. Oh well! The good days are over with Anita! Welcome to reality according to many people who have read this story.

In her court filings, Anita alleges that the couple lived in swanky houses over the years, including an 8 bedroom pad in NJ, a 7 bedroom house in New Orleans, and a 4 bedroom penthouse in Cleveland. She regularly bought clothes from Gucci, Channel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton.

Anita also claims to have spent $600 for hair maintenance every six weeks and $500 per month on manicure, pedicure, and massages while her facials and other personal maintenance cost $400 per month. According to Anita’s statement, the family travelled first class and stayed at top rated resorts on their annual vacations to Bahamas, and paid for additional family members too.

Now she claims to be living in a cramped 3 bedroom and two and a half bathroom condo in Culver City. Since she does not have a job currently, and the house she lives in is not comparable to the luxurious homes she had lived in during her marriage, Anita is asking for spousal support. Perhaps she should have thought of this before she divorced her successful husband.

Supreme Court sends back divorce decision for review

According to divorce attorneys, the Montana Supreme Court reversed a district court’s decision regarding a divorce settlement in Great Falls and sent it back to the district court for review.

Gail Patton married Bill Patton, a licensed veterinarian, in January 1998 and filed for divorce in 2011. The district court had valued the estate at $1,078,006 and awarded Gail less than 10 percent, or $99,296. She received $46,566, and after subtracting the attorney’s fees was left with a net of about $27,000.

The high court noted several errors in the district court’s decision and said that Gail had health concerns that declined considerably during her marriage. A left shoulder atrophy and limited mobility, abdominal, knee and neck pain and post-traumatic stress disorder are some of the health concerns Gail had, according to the court’s opinion.

Errors in district court’s decision

Justice James Jeremiah Shea said that the share awarded to Gail may be increased to help cover medical expenses after she was also diagnosed to have breast cancer in 2013. The district court refused to rule on Gail’s motions on maintenance or to recommit the matter to the standing master to do so, according to Shea. He added that the district court also failed to consider Gail’s contributions to the marriage as a homemaker and her eligibility for maintenance.