Fort Lauderdale, FL – Broward County Clerk of Court Brenda D. Forman is involved in a divorce where she is being accused of being a “gold digger.”

The Sun Sentinel reports that Brenda Forman, otherwise known as the Clerk of Court for Broward County, has found herself in the midst of legal turmoil during her divorce from politician Howard C. Forman.

Howard Forman recently stepped down as the Clerk of Court, only to help his wife into the position. The problem with this is the fact that when Brenda Forman was elected as the new Clerk of Court, she had no management background, no college degree, and absolutely no political experience.

Prior to her new position, Brenda had worked as a clerk with a salary of $22,000 in Howard’s office. According to the Sun Sentinel, she now manages 750 employees, is in charge of a $37 million budget, and has a $170,000 annual salary.

Divorce attorneys in Fort Lauderdale recently filed for divorce on behalf of the couple. Brenda then asked a judge to appoint her temporary guardian over her husband, namely his bank accounts and properties, the very next day.

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The two events immediately caused trouble publicly. While Brenda alleges that Howard may suffer from early-onset dementia, his legal team is not buying it. They argue that she is trying to delay the divorce in order to get control over his numerous assets, including his Social Security benefits, interest on a lump sum payout of $904,350 in tax-deferred savings, and about $12,000 a month he gets in pension.

While Brenda asserts that all she wanted to do was “protect him and make sure that he was in good health,” Howard told the Sun Sentinel that his “memory is fine.”

Howard’s Fort Lauderdale attorney, Todd Stone, says that Brenda is vying to become her husband’s temporary guardian in order to delay the divorce. If someone is declared mentally incompetent in the state of Florida, they cannot get a divorce for three years.

After careful review of his financial statements, Howard told Broward County courts that he realized he was not properly protecting his assets because of his age, which may have left him vulnerable to “financial exploitation.”

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  • How will our living situation change?

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