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Brooklyn couples should ensure that they are formally divorced before attempting to remarry

A woman who married several men in the area of Brooklyn and the Bronx without ever filing for a single divorce was hit with criminal charges.

Woman is married to ten different men in various parts of New York before authorities catch on

The 39 year old female was charged with multiple felonies in an apparent long term marriage scam. Police believe that the scheme involved several foreign men who allegedly married her for entry into the United States between 1992 and 2002. She never changed her name or formally divorced any of these men before entering into more marriages. The suspect also fraudulently filled out official marriage documentation that said she was unmarried at the time she entered into the later marriages. 

These marriages extend throughout the New York City area, with some of them as far as Westchester County, Hempstead, White Plains, and Long Island, with most of them being started in the Bronx. She also has prior charges for filing false documents in the past. 

A national security expert commented on the situation, and he believes that it is actually a very serious problem. A man who is a terrorist or hardened criminal could marry this woman and gain entry into the United States, even if he would normally be denied entry through more traditional means. The expert said that this is a very large security oversight, especially considering most of the unions happened in a short span between 1999 and 2002. 

Records related to the case do not show any motivation for her behavior, and as far as authorities know, she never divorced any of the ten men she married. A Bronx district attorney is also looking into the ten males she married and deciding whether criminal charges against any of them are necessary based on their actions and reasons for entering the country. 

Marriages that begin before the prior marriage has ended

As a general rule in family law, no one can enter a marriage legally if they are already married to someone else. If a court finds that the spouse is still married to another person, all subsequent marriages will be declared invalid. Even in situations where a couple may believe a marriage has ended due to desertion, imprisonment, or other issues, it is still best to confirm that the marriage has ended through the proper legal process before pursuing another union. 

Family law attorneys can sort out issues with prior marriages, child support, custody, alimony, and related areas to ensure that clients can move forward without issues or headaches. 

Get legal help with divorces and family law issues

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