Scot Young, the British tycoon who was very recently involved in a $30 million divorce split that made headlines across the UK, was found dead when he fell from the window of his luxury London penthouse.

The multimillionaire who had to leave the High Court in handcuffs after his divorce battle turned into one of the most scandalous and acrimonious divorce proceedings ever, fell four stories to his death and was found impaled on the railings outside his home. Metropolitan police say that the death of the bankrupt businessman is not being treated as suspicious so far, but investigations are on.

Young Fell Down Four Stories

Police say that Young suffered terrible injuries after his fall from the Marylebone apartment he shared with his American girlfriend, Noelle Reno. The fall is being treated as an apparent suicide, and it comes nearly a year after the craziness that had accompanied Young’s divorce proceedings last year. In the High Court, Young had instructed his divorce attorneys to not reveal the details of his wealth and he himself too declined to make any confessions even when the police took him away in handcuffs.

Young’s wife, the 49 year old Michelle Young, finally agreed to settle for a sum of $30 million but she considered the sum awarded to her ‘disgraceful’ as she was sure that her husband was worth at least a few billions. According to her divorce attorneys, Young who was supposedly a ‘fixer’ for the richest of the rich in British society, was hiding his money. A judge later ruled that the business property tycoon had tried to hide about $70 million dollars from the court.

He had Tried to Commit Suicide Before

During the long drawn out divorce proceedings, Ms. Young also revealed that her ex-husband had tried to commit suicide once before and had to be checked into the Priory Clinic in London so that he could receive treatment. Ms. Young still will have to go through the courts and there is a lot of legal rigmarole to be done with before she can claim to lay hands on her ex-husband’s estate.

The couple’s long and bitter history started when they first met in 1989. Young had by then started to make his mark as an up and coming property developer. By tapping into Michelle’s father’s connections, he soon rose to prominence in the business world and was at one point considered to be worth $600 million dollars.

Couple were Married for 11 Years

The couple, who were married for 11 years, lived a lavish life with properties in Oxfordshire and a beach house in Florida. The divorce proceedings were started in 2006, and when Ms. Young made a claim to half of Scot’s assets he said he had lost all his money in a financial meltdown. This prompted a bitter fight between the two over property matters which finally ended in 2012. However, Ms. Young has still to see a penny of the money due to her as Scot filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and most of his hidden assets are assumed to be currently offshore.

This was not a match made in heaven.