Boxer Shane Mosley’s gloves are still on as he seeks to have his divorce settlement overturned. reports indicate that Mosley claims to have never legally married his ex-wife Jin. He is now turning to the courts to have the $6 million that Jin received as a settlement returned, according to

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Despite Shane and Jin tying the knot in 2002, Shane claims that his Jin was already married, which made their marriage null and void. However, Jin’s divorce lawyer argued that she was never married to anyone else except Shane during the time they were wed. However, Shane insists that Jin was married to Sanjay Dwivedi between 1995 and 2006, which means she was possibly married to both men for four years.

Reportedly, a California judge noted that the settlement was not likely to be overturned due to the lapse in time. The judge also observed that there was no proof provided by Shane whether Jin C. Sheehan, who is recorded as being married to Dwivedi, was the same Jin C. Mosley. Shane had also approached a New York judge to unseal the divorce file between Sanjay Dwivedi. After the boxer noticed Jin, with whom he had three children and was aware of another child she had prior to their marriage, providing support for a fifth child, he grew suspicious.

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According to divorce attorneys, the couple’s final divorce settlement came through in 2011. In addition to $6 million in assets, Jin got to keep a 6 bedroom luxury home in LaVerne, California, $600,000 in spousal support, and stock funds. Mosley 43, hits the ring once again in Inglewood, California, in a quadragenarian showdown with Ricardo Mayorga, 41, in a rematch of their 2008 bout.

Former Clippers owner and wife of 60 years divorce

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner and octogenarian Donald Sterling, has filed for divorce from Shelly Sterling, his wife for almost six decades, according to The paperwork was filed by his divorce attorneys earlier this month in Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple have been through rocky patches in their marriage, which was evident with their frequent rifts in public. Some believe that a woman named V. Stiviano, who Sterling has often been seen with, is partly to blame.

Incidentally, Sterling’s $2 billion trade off of the Clippers to former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Balmer, was allegedly due to Stiviano’s recording of a conversation in which the octogenarian chastised her for taking pictures with black people. She claimed he told her not to bring them to Clippers games.

Sterling was subsequently slapped with a lifetime ban by the NBA and there was nothing any of the powerful lawyers on the site  could do anything about this. He was also forced, despite his unwillingness, to sell the team. The deal was negotiated by Shelly Sterling, which Donald has challenged, but Shelly has maintained that he was certified mentally incompetent by doctors, and she therefore acted on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust.

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Shelly’s actions were found to be legally tenable by a judge, who ruled in her favor last July, following which the sale was completed a month later. Shelly also sued Stiviano, following which the latter was ordered to repay over 2.6 million in cash and real estate that Sterling had given her. Shelly’s divorce lawyers seemed to be busy these days.