New York, NY- Just a week after news broke that celebrity chef Bobby Flay was divorcing his third wife, actress Stephanie March things between the couple have taken a nasty turn and their shaping up to be an epic money battle.

TMZ reported that Flay, who is worth an estimated $20 million, cancelled the credit card March uses for food and household expenses. To make matters worse, March’s attorney alleges that Flay is threatening to kick her very ill mother out of their Manhattan condo if March doesn’t pen a flattering press release about their divorce which states the split is amicable. March’s attorney alleges Flay is strong-arming his estranged ex over money.

March, 40, is also ready to challenge the prenuptial agreement she signed when the couple married 10 years ago, but that is going to be quite a challenge. According to the prenuptial, March is to receive $5,000 a month in spousal support for the next five years.

After filing for divorce last week, Flay sent March her first $5K support check, which TMZ reports she returned to Flay along with a letter.

According to the prenuptial, Flay can buy March out of their $8 million NY condo for $1 million cash and $50,000 for moving expenses.

According to TMZ, March’s attorney plans to challenge the couple’s prenuptial agreement, which could very well result in a better settlement. She says she deserves more because she played a role in the success of her husband. But Flay who is twice divorced may have the fortitude for a battles over the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

To make matters even worse between the two, both camps are accusing the other of cheating. Rumors have tied Flay to fellow celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis and actress January Jones, according to the Fox News.

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