There are no blurred lines anymore; Paula Patton has made it clear that she wants a separation from her husband and singer Robin Thicke. In spite of his increasingly desperate attempts to win over Paula, the singer has not been able to save his marriage.

How you screw that up is anyone’s guess. Patton is Halle Berry 2.0.

Though the couple’s divorce attorneys and representatives have not made any official comment as to why the pair is headed for divorce, sources say that it has to do with Thicke’s incessant flirting, the rumors of his constant affairs, and his highly over-sexualized act with singer Miley Cyrus at last year’s VMAs which ironically made Thicke’s Blurred Lines video the talk of the town, but could also have been the final nail in the coffin for his shaky marriage with Patton.

Reason unknown

The news of the divorce was confirmed by Patton’s representative Jeff Raymond, who said that Paula had filed for divorce in Los Angeles and had asked for the joint custody of their son Julian, who is four. As is the norm with Hollywood celebs, the pair have put down their divorce to “irreconcilable differences”. The couple had announced their separation in February of this year, and since then there has been no mud-slinging in the media as can happen when two powerful people in the industry decided to separate.

This has led divorce attorneys and media watchers to speculate that the divorce itself will most probably be conflict-free. The singer and actress had released a statement saying that though they will always “love each other and be best friends”, they have made a mutual decision to separate.

After their separation in February, Thicke was a man possessed. He tried his best to win back his lady love, with his antics sometimes bordering on desperate. The singer has been very vocal about his love for his wife; dedicating songs to her at concerts, naming his last album release after her, and sending her text messages full of love and longing. However, none of it seemed to have worked.

So Mr. Thicke, you had an affair on her? Really? Paula, you wasted your time on Thicke.

So Mr. Thicke, you had an affair on her? Really? Paula, you wasted your time on Thicke.

Does Patton like Denzel?

End of a romance

Thicke and Patton were married in 2005 after a long standing romance that started when Thicke was just 14. But the rose-eyed romance was not perfect as rumors about Thicke’s alleged dalliances kept flying thick and fast. In April, when Thicke was in a deposition for a copyright issue for his popular song Blurred Lines, he told a prosecutor that he had never been much of an honest person, and that his wife decided to leave him because he finally came clean to her.

Thicke also admitted in the deposition that he had spent most of last year fighting drug and alcohol problems that were so severe he didn’t do a single promotional interview while sober.

While no confirmed news about the real reason for the couple’s breakup has been forthcoming, there is speculation everywhere that it was too much for Paula when Thicke fessed up to his alleged affairs and his drug abuse.

Thicke is a fool who better hope he continues to make hit songs.