Atlanta, GA- If you’ve ever wondered what a billionaire spends their money on, a peak into the highly contentious divorce of hedge fund manager Ken Griffin and his estranged wife Anna Dias Griffin will give you an idea.

In a recent court filing, Dias Griffin claims she needs $1 million a month to support the couple’s three children and maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. But Griffin has been very critical of his estranged wife’s demands and says his wife is trying to get him to fund her extravagant lifestyle by tying the expenses to child support.

According to CNN Money, Anna Dias Griffin’s monthly expenses include:

  • $160 K for hotels
  • $300 K for private jets
  • $7,200 for dining expenses
  • $6,800 for groceries

In addition to those expenses, Dias Griffin needs money to pay for the four nannies that take of the children, all under the age of 10.

Griffin insists he has paid all of his children’s expenses with the exception of a $450,000 vacation his estranged wife wanted to take this winter, according to CNN Money.

The Griffins have been locked into their divorce battle for well over a year. Last summer Griffin filed for divorce while his wife and kids were on vacation in England. Since then, the two have been locked in a back-and-forth battle over Mr. Griffin’s estimated $5.5 billion.

Griffin’s filing states that Dias Griffin, who also managed a hedge fund, is worth nearly $50 million and is perfectly capable of covering her own expenses.

Dias Griffin was already awarded $40 million as dictated by the couple’s prenuptial, but she wants more and has launched a challenge of their prenuptial agreement. She alleged that she signed the prenuptial when they tied the knot ten years ago and was not given time to carefully look over the agreement.

Their divorce is so acrimonious that they manage to grab national headlines on a near monthly basis and it doesn’t appear that they will be able to resolve things anytime in the near future. Their divorce is a shining example of how ugly a divorce can become especially when a great deal of money is at stake.

Divorce is always tough whether a couple has billions in assets or only hundreds. That’s because divorce is not just about assets and money, it is most often about emotions. It’s so easy for a couple locked in a contentious divorce to lose sight of what is the best interest of their child or children. Sometimes it takes a Georgia divorce attorney to keep a couple focused on doing what is best for their children.

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