Chicago, IL- Talk about epic and costly divorces! Chicago hedge-fund manager and billionaire, Ken Griffin, shocked him wife—and news agencies—by abruptly filing for divorce from his wife of 11 years while she was vacationing in London. Divorce attorneys are going to have a field day with this one!

Anne Dias-Griffin, who also manages a hedge-fund, said she was “blindsided” when she received divorce documents in London where she was enjoying some R&R with the couple’s three children.

So, what was her response? Well, Mrs. Griffin responded by hiring aggressive and tenacious divorce attorney, Robert S. Cohen, who promptly released a statement admonishing Mr. Griffin for his underhanded way of filing, the New York Post reported. Cohen accused Mr. Griffin of going forward with the divorce filling at a time when he knew his wife would be unable to respond.

According to sources who spoke with the Post, the Griffins separated over a year ago and had been negotiating a settlement. Mr. Griffin apparently grew weary of the lack of progress in these negotiations so he went ahead a filed for divorce.

Ken Griffin, 45, is worth approximately $5.5 billion and along with his wife has amassed a large art collection and “property portfolio.” Exactly how many properties the couple owns is not readily available, but according to the Daily Mail, the couple purchased three homes in Palm Beach for a staggering $130 million last year. Those properties are top of the $17 million dollar home in Hawaii, and a $15 million apartment in Chicago they also own.

When they married 11 years ago, they wisely signed a prenuptial agreement, granting Mrs. Griffin a large cash payout in the event for divorce, but the Post pointed out the prenuptial doesn’t cover the art work or their property holdings.

Their divorce battle will center on the property holdings and the art work and could prove to be an acrimonious battle given the fact settlement negotiations haven’t been very successful.

Anne is Mr. Griffin’s second wife, his first marriage ended in the mid-90s.

An attorney representing Mr. Griffin said in a statement, “This is a personal matter and the family asks for privacy as they work through this process.”

But this is unlikely to stay a private divorce since the parties are extremely wealthy and there has already been a great deal of press since Mr. Griffin filed for divorce in the manner in which he did.

The way in which Griffin decided to inform his wife of his desire to divorce was beyond uncouth if you ask us. Word to the wise, nothing brings out the bitterness in an estranged spouse and their desire to get even more than completely blindsiding them with a surprise divorce filing.

An individual should discuss how to break such devastating news to someone, with psychologists or that person’s friends and family. Or, perhaps seek the advice of a divorce lawyer to determine when the best time to file is and the best way to go about it. Just don’t do it like Ken Griffin, it’s rude and inconsiderate.