Hollywood, CA- Mayim Bialik, one of the stars of the widely popular nerd-driven Big Bang Theory announced Wednesday that she and her husband of nine years, Michael Stone is getting a divorce.

Bialik, who played “Blossom” in the 90s, posted the news online, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, according to TMZ.

Bailik and Stone have two sons who they are raising through attachment parenting; a philosophy that encourages almost constant physical contact with children, including allowing them to sleep with their parents.  

Bailik recently wrote a book about attachment parenting titled “Beyond the Sling,” but says it had nothing to do with the divorce, “relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you chose,” the actress said on her website.

She also said that the children remain a priority for her and Stone, adding that her two sons “deserve parents committed to their growth and health.”

Marriages fail for many reasons and the way a couple decides to raise their children can be among those reasons. If parents have trouble agreeing on how to raise their children, then determining custody can also be a huge hurdle.

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